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Quote: Originally Posted by Cuttingboard I apologize for the pic quality; I began collecting last year and these are my first two pieces and they are absolutely flawless. 1959 Omega Seamaster 1969 Omega Seamaster DeVille w/ USS (United States Steel) logo I love this era of Seamasters. I'm looking to land a great condition one off ebay.
I'm in neighboring Saskatchewan and I've decided to just rock some nice North Face boots while outside until the weather gets back to atleast single digits below 0. I leave my work shoes in my office and change when I arrive. I'll be into my Alden boots with commando soles once the weather becomes more reasonable. I'm not wearing them in this weather though.........its -40 today!
There are a ton of these at reasonable prices on ebay:
Check out Alden of Carmel's selection. The Aldens in Color 8 are beautiful boots. I especially love the wingtips but you mentioned you already had some. Here are another set:
It sounds like you're looking for a 'classier' street look, which is fine. I agree that you should look for a navy pea coat which will look great with jeans. I would also recommend some versatile boots like these Aldens: Anyways, just some suggestions to get you some 'basics' that will get alot of use in your wardrobe as you try to rebuild.
Ya I think it would be interesting to see outfits and then a price of the outfit.....keeping in mind everyone has different resources. There are probably folks on here that don't own shoes they paid less than $200 for.
I'm just wondering what rules some of you follow regarding cuffs on your suit pants in particular. Generally, I don't have cuffs on my flat fronts and I do on my pleated ones but I'm beginning to flirt with the idea of cuffs on my next flat fronts. I should point out I'm 6'8 and I think cuffs help make my legs look less tall. Thoughts?
I have this jacket in Brown........I LOVE IT. Someone is going to get one hell of a deal.
I just got these Peal & Cos from Brooks Brothers. They had them on 50% off after Xmas.....had to bite! Anyways, someone had mentioned earlier they thought they were made by Alfred Sargent. Can anyone confirm?
Quote: Originally Posted by Marcellionheart Cross posted from SW&D; ignore my black jeans/socks as I'm just trying the boots on around the house. Love the colour! Well played sir!
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