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I would be interested to hear where folks think the Blucher fits into the mix. I personally would rank it below the captoe and plain toe balmorals......I know some folks (especially in North America) wear alot of cap toe and wingtip bluchers as formal shoes but I really can't bring myself to accept them! They are too boot-like for me perhaps.
If you stumble upon 12.5D please PM me!
Berwick if this is your first/only pair.
Quote: Originally Posted by interlockingny The 974 Wingtip is on the Tremont Last The 975 Longwing is on the Barrie Last From my experience, I have found that both fit similarly (1/2 size large). Thanks. I was quite surprised by the Barrie Last being so large but I've learned my lesson! I've honestly never tried on a shoe that fits that much bigger than its marked size!
I agree, generally the boots look great. You can work on getting those scratches minimized with normal care but I wouldn't send them back or anything. Generally, my AE experience has not had issues like this but I would still not be too concerned. Really nice boots BTW.
Hi guys- I just received a pair of Alden 974 Wingtip Balmorals (Color 8). They unfortunately are a 1/2 size too big so I need to return them. I have an opportunity to order these shoes again 1/2 size lower or to order the longwings 975 but I'm not sure the longwings also fit 1/2 size too large...the website indicates they do but it never warned me about the wingtips I actually ordered! Anyways, here are the two shoes I'm looking at: (1) Wingtips which fit too...
Quote: Originally Posted by earthdragon SAB - Part of my haul from a couple hours in London on Saturday! LOVE IT.
What is the reputation of the vintage (1940s-60s) International Watch Company watches? They are gorgeous and come up quite often on ebay.....they seem to get a lot of action on there too.
Man of Lint is correct. Get some proper winter boots and leave your shoes at the office. For the instances where you can't change (going for dinner or otherwise), get some Swims. If its not slushy out its fairly safe to wear your leather shoes but I have learned my lesson doing that way too many times!
Casual Friday. Socks are by Robert Graham, shoes by Alfred Sargent.
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