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I just ordered a pair of the Andrew Jackson's in peat pictured above. Robinson's helped me out quite a bit on the sizing so I've been quite impressed with their customer service. Not to mention you get personalized dust bags, a shoe horn and appropriate polish with your order! I'm anxious to see the quality since is the first line under their Presidential Collection. If the quality is there, I will be looking for some country boots as their prices, customer...
Quote: Originally Posted by geoffmartin17 Yeah, i pre-ordered some NST plaza boots from Jgilbert in mid-december, and they quoted me 9 months Yup, I pre-ordered some LW cordovan plaza #8 with commando sole from jgilbert and they're telling me Sept delivery. That's fine, they'll be perfect for Fall.
Brings back memories of Mission Impossible!
Yup I check the clearance on Brooks Brothers regularly. Got a pair of suede oxfords (snuff) by Alfred Sargent for Peal & Co for $229 around New Years.
I'm looking at these beauties from Robinson's. I'll report back with a review if I end up finding a size that fits my 13US flippers.
Any big foot 13Ds and they are S.O.L.D.
Can anyone tell me if the Copeley Last fits 1/2 size large (similar to the Barrie)? Thanks!!
Strand in Walnut. I own them and love them.
Quote: Originally Posted by droy Very nice...especially like the flat laces. Having said this, I seem to be fancying suede lately. Can't go wrong there... Yup- suede is the way to go! I would recommend anything from Alfred Sargent. They have some great models in suede.
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl in europe, excluding GB, the plain blucher is on par with the plain bal, while the captoe bal is not very popular. e.g. the blucher is very popular amongst military full dress. Interesting. So the captoe Bal is really a North American style? I don't mind a plain blucher in the work environment but I'm not a fan of the brogue captoe or wingtips bluchers with a suit. Why is the captoe bal not popular...
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