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Cool coat.
What Last are the Aldens on?
I was looking for a pair of longwing boots in colour 8 w/ commando sole.......ended up putting an order in with J Gilbert and expect them in September. Hard to find Alden boots in stock.
Yup those shoes look great with chinos and a blazer. Especially in Walnut.
I personally can tolerate the small defects on the AEs and Aldens. I haven't had many issues to be honest......but there are odd things here or there which I just choose to ignore. The price difference between AEs and the English brands these days are getting quite significant so I have still bought a pair of AEs this year as well as a couple English pairs. If the two were the same price, that would be a different story. I would only go English.....but C&J in...
I just recently purchased 2 Ike Behar Dress Shirts in 16.5L and I'm not sure what the sleeve is exactly (I would have to measure when I get home) but they fit me and I wear a 37/38 ideally. They could probably be a bit longer but they're about the longest fitting standard 'long' labeled shirts I've purchased without going bespoke. BTW- Ike makes some great shirts.
Allen Edmonds. Hit Ebay or the Buy/Sell forum on Style Forum.
Those soles look terrible. They look like orthopedic shoes....
Wonderful bag Igor. What is the price?
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