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Yes, 40mm is too small. I pity your female companion.
Quote: Originally Posted by Geoff Gander I thought they stopped using black footbeds. Both my AEs I purchased in last 6 months have the black footbeds.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hadrian If I am able to purchase Strands (1st quality) at Nordstroms for ~$210 would it be better to go with that or should I save the extra cash and get the seconds? I am not extremely strapped for cash at the moment, but I still recognize the value of the dollar. That's a really good price at can't go wrong either way.
Quote: Originally Posted by borderline Ordered these in January, but just got another notice on delayed shipping. Went from 2/8 to 2/19 to 6/16! That's terrible. I was going to comment that a good thing about Jcrew having Aldens is we might actually be able to buy them without having to wait months (I'm currently in a holding pattern until Sept. for delivery of some Cordovan longwing #8 boots). Looks like that's not the case!
I hope everyone in this thread with issues has contacted Alden. Hopefully this will lead to a change in their production....its a small fixable issue but really a slap in the face for someone who just paid quite a bit of cash for an otherwise beautiful pair of shoes/boots.
I saw them in Fall 2010 and it was indeed one of the best shows I'ver ever seen. Such energy and great music! The world finally took notice last night at the Grammys.
1- #8 2- Ravello 3- Cigar
Very interesting thread I completely must have missed. I believe Toronto would have a market for proper shoes if there was a retail offering of said shoes. Bay street needs to see their co-workers wearing drool-inducing C&Js before they even google the brand. There's no way a store of that nature wouldn't do very well in a city of that size with that many financial folks.
I just ordered my first pair of Tricker's and they were approximately 50% more than most AEs I buy at full price ($450 vs $300). I have no beef with AE but I'm expecting more comfort out of the Tricker's.
I have a couple brown wool jackets that have some blue/navy in them that really work well with Navy pants. I agree with the poster who said to reverse the traditional colour combination and do medium/dark brown shoes, dark navy pants and lighter colour jacket.
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