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I have those shoes......they are great! They are made by Alfred Sargent and fit pretty true to size. A little big in the heel I find but not enough to size down.
Just got slapped by $100 in Canadian duties for my Tricker's Stows that arrived. On top of that there were multiple taxes for a grand total of $165. So my $450 boots are now $600. PERFECT.
Quote: Originally Posted by xudisco07 They had BBBF suits listed for $1 a few months back. I bought 15, 2 days later I got an email saying they canceled the order. CLASSIC
For the price, the wingtips are pretty nice!
I wonder who made the Cordovan BB one? I'm also looking for a breast wallet and I love the SABs.
Quote: Originally Posted by bleachboy Also, I am going to kop the FUCK out of that BBBF heavy flannel patch sack. At full price. As you should good sir.
The Fall line generally looks great. I'm looking forward to the huge sales on it later in the season! Love those Harris Tweed jackets.
Stick with the leather sole and buy some swims or other rubber covers to wear outside on those days its raining/wet and you need to walk outside.
Quote: Originally Posted by imatlas They do take a while to break in though, and until the "hinge" develops there tends to be more heel slippage (which may cause blisters if the shoes are snug in the heel). Have others experienced this? I just received a pair of double soled shoes I ordered and was about to send them back for a 1/2 size smaller because my heel slips a bit while I walk. This is my first pair of double soles so I'm...
Definitely socks to trousers. When you're feeling frisky break out those funky socks that 20% match the trousers but 80% give the viewer a slap in the teeth. I've developed a serious sock fetish over the years and really prefer the 20/80 rule.
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