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Hate to sidetrack this.....but is the movie any good? And do we have more screen shots?
Quote: Originally Posted by Marcellionheart The Albert Knot is the double four-in-hand knot. Which is just the four in hand with another wrap around. Exactly. Just another wrap around which adds the needed bulk in the knot.
Quote: Originally Posted by acridsheep My tiebar ties are all great. It is hard to get a good tie knot out of a skinny tie. Preach on. I usually do a double four in hand to make it work. Cheers to OP for being a class act.
Quote: Originally Posted by banis Does anyone know whether longwing tassel loafers are still being made? WOW!!
Quote: Originally Posted by mcbrown Just for the heck of it, my newest pair of shoes on their maiden voyage today: 9905s (whiskey PTB). I have seen the whiskey vary in color out of the box from medium tan to almost yellowish (I think someone here recently described them as the color of piss ). I'm fairly happy to have gotten a pair on the tan side, which may make them a little less "exotic" but a bit easier to match. You can't see it in the photo due...
Hopefully they slash the price on those Aldens to help phase them out!
Love the guy's name is 'monogram' lol
Quote: Originally Posted by H2O The interweb gods are exercising divine retribution? Yeah, I know it may be some sort of fashion faux paux, but I live between two of the harshest climates in North America; Vancouver (Not really harsh, but definitely one of the rainiest cities in the world) and Edmonton (with its 7 month winters. You know that crazy snow storm NYC had a few weeks back? That's nothing unusual here. We had the same blizzard conditions...
Haven't seen those forever. I used to have a pair and all I remember was they were suicide to wear in icy or packed snow! You could literally take a run at it and slide half the length of a city block.
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