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That shirt deal is fantastic. You do have to go right to final checkout to see sale price.
I am anxious to hear any recommendations for tweed coats. Specifically, I'm looking for a tweed overcoat. Suggestions?
Hi guys- anyone know where you can buy replacement laces? I have the desert boots in beeswax and my laces are shot. I've tried to contact the company by email and have received no response. Thanks
Does anyone know where to find replacement laces for Trickers Stow in Marron Antique? I'm having some serious problems finding anyone who stocks laces. Thanks guys.
Love that furniture. If I lived in Toronto I would be at your door!
This is a great deal. I ordered a pair of The Andrew Jackson and I must say they are a great made shoe for the price (especially the price being offered right now!). Anyways, excellent service and I would highly recommend trying their shoes. One thing to note- I would be careful with the siding. Email them and they'll ask for your foot measurements to ensure you get the right sizing. I find the heel to be quite roomy but my slight heel slippage improved...
I love the Tricker's Country Collection (both boots and shoes) for casual settings:
Omega Speedmaster for sure.
Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy That is NICE.
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