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I received my JIN today, a very nice japanese denim on them. For this price, they should be sold out by now. David is a legit guy, express delivery. If you are on the fence I'd say just get them...they worth every penny. Thanks David!
Hey David, I tried to PM you but your inbox is full. I've sent the payment for size 33 through paypal Thanks!
I've sent a PM to you few days ago. not sure if you got them or not. get back at me
hows the fit on those JV boots? for true size10 or they run big?
Dispute solved. He decided to refund my money back. dont know if he will flip over and reclaim the money back via paypal or not but so far so good. will update if anything happen. Thanks alot guys for the support, i really appreciate and humble by guys make forum community a place worth to be despite the presence of few dishonest people who just trying to rip you off.. thanks again
dude not replying to my countless emails and PMs either on sufu or styleforum, he just decided to stay a scammer and a bitch at the same time
when did he send you the paypal ? i got his facebook and all..even know what and where he is studying very tempted to post it here. dude studying medical but acting like a wasted low life
damn.. i know all the details about you alex. dont let me put them up in public. finding you in texas is pretty easy.
Quote: From his email reply: Alex Nguyen to me show details 5:40 AM (16 hours ago) I bought these from another seller on SF. I can show you the paypal invoice and give you his contact if you want ALex Quote: Alex Nguyen to me show details 5:41 AM (16 hours ago) Thses were a pair of used sz hemmed to 34 inseem. I paid 185 for them. This is the thread its been edited, becuase...
Here's a quote of PMs between my fellow friend on sufu and alx win asking for the origin of these jeans. ( I replaced my friend's name to 'Anothersufumember' to protect his id ) Quote: Originally Posted by Anothersufumember Hi LC, I bear bad does seem like both the size 28 and 29 jeans came from you. I attach our brief correspondence: Quote: Originally Posted by alx win Hey there, These were purchased about a...
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