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Hi Aleksander, thanks for your response. I have looked at a number of journalism and copywriting roles relating to menswear, I came close to an interview at Turnbull & Asser for such a role but they decided they wanted someone with more menswear/retail experience. Same with Mr Porter and FashionBeans. It's a tricky one because just as anyone on this forum will say there is a difference between classic luxury menswear and "fashion". I wouldn't know where to begin in...
Hrothgar Stibbon "Salisbury" in Conker.
Hi guys, So a bit about my background; I started training to be a journalist when I was in my mid 20's and have now just turned 30, having worked in the field, specifically on mobile tech websites, for that whole period. I used to love the job and couldn't wait to get out of bed in the morning, but in the last year or so I have really fallen out of love with it and it's now just a bit of a chore. I don't love tech, for one thing (I fell into it as a job that was going),...
I agree completely, I just find it odd because I've observed before that the bulk of the SF collective seems inherently hostile to hats. 31 pages and no-one posting anything negative or that tiresome meme about "what you think you look like versus what you actually look like". I'm just a bit shocked.
How is this thread even a thing? Every time prior to this the hat subject was raised on SF it's always been met with the same response: "hats are anachronistic and only for the over 40s/50s". Where did all the hat love come from all of a sudden?
Yeah I checked out the UK stockist: The Butler Company. They just have what looks like a placeholder site with an email address, no web store or anything. I've emailed but not heard back from yet.Edit: If a 12.5 isn't available would it be better to size down to a 12 or up to a 13? I've had some shoes in UK 11.5 before, which would be US 12, I've also heard Chippewas can be on the roomy side?
Good to know about the sizing, thanks. Sadly most places I've seen them in the US won't sell internationally. I saw Schott's store will but they don't have 12.5, perhaps I could get away with the US 12 but the shipping pretty much doubles the price - if I did that I might as well get some Wolverines, Red Wings or even Oak Street Bootmakers or something, all of which appear to be more readily available over here, oddly enough.
Anyone know where to get the Service or Homestead boots in the UK in UK size 12 (US 12.5 I think?)
Thanks very much for the link and for providing some very interesting points of discussion to boot! I agree that such guidelines shouldn't be taken as the be-all and end-all of dressing but it is extremely useful as a solid base to work from.
Hi all, I recall one of Vox's threads from a while back, a comprehensive guide to the difference between city and country dressing and covering the basics of a well-rounded men's wardrobe, but I can't seem to find it anymore and I've lost it in my bookmarks. Anyone remember the one I mean and have the link? Cheers!
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