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Anyone have experience with their trousers? Fit? Quality?
Is it recommended/required that you bring a jacket when visiting NSM in Italy for the very first fitting?
Any chance the other FW Ring Jacket stuff will appear in the online store? I remember seeing a "hunting" jacket on one of the blogs.
I just found out that Chan charged me for an order that I never placed. I'm assuming it's due to someone having the same name as me on their file. Has this happened to anyone before? I've emailed Connie Man but still have gotten no response.
RL herringbone sportcoat. Fully lined. Sleeves were altered about an inch. (33 inch shirt sleeve length and the sleeve ends at right about my wrist) Never worn out- decided the jacket was slightly too long for my body. Size 38r Bumped down to $175 Paypal.
Saunders Suede Boot. 8D I'm selling these because they are slightly too tight on my feet. I wore them once for a whole day. There are Vibram soles on the shoe. Original box and shoe bags included. $160 Shipped. Paypal. BUMP down to $160 shipped
Classic Gucci G Belt I lost some weight so the belt no longer fits me. The size stamped is 36 but I'm not sure if that is a Gucci-specific size. Looks brand new- Worn for about an hour. $175 Shipped. PayPal. BUMPED down to $150 Shipped Paypal.
YSL Patent Leather Hightop Rolling Sneaker Size 41 Purchased from Saks in NYC Like New Condition- worn outside once for 30 mins. No Box- YSL Shoe bag included/ $225 Shipped BUMP $180 SHIPPED TO THE US.
I have 5-6 recently purchased (2011) Chan shirts. Most have been washed around 3 times and I have not noticed any shrinking. Also, Sorry to hijack a thread but didnt want to start a new one. When ordering a suit/ coat from Chan do they charge your card when they send the garment or as soon as they get back from their tour?
Does anyone know if the Carmina suede chelsea boots are available in a dainite sole?
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