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YSL Patent Leather Hightop Rolling Sneaker Size 41 Purchased from Saks in NYC Like New Condition- worn outside once for 30 mins. No Box- YSL Shoe bag included/ $225 Shipped BUMP $180 SHIPPED TO THE US.
I have 5-6 recently purchased (2011) Chan shirts. Most have been washed around 3 times and I have not noticed any shrinking. Also, Sorry to hijack a thread but didnt want to start a new one. When ordering a suit/ coat from Chan do they charge your card when they send the garment or as soon as they get back from their tour?
Does anyone know if the Carmina suede chelsea boots are available in a dainite sole?
any other sizes? 38/ 38s?Thanks!
Not sure who makes his shirts, but fabric (at least on the sleeve) is most likely kleenex.
I will be getting a couple shirts made. Still mulling on getting a tweed sportcoat.
You've pretty much named all of the major shopping destinations. Also you may want to try Distante ( never been but they are a bespoke suit/shirtmaker I believe) and Sherman Brothers (Men's shoes) both stores happened to be next to each other. As for restaurants, it is actually Philadelphia's Restaurant Week for the next two weeks I believe. This may make it harder to get reservations. Don't worry if you cant snag a reservation, most of the menus have become boring...
Nordstrom is great with returns. My girlfriend returned a new jacket that she never wore that was purchased over a year and a half ago. They gave her a full refund with no questions. Hope that helps. Goodluck!
Has anyone purchased any TA x Jeanshop jeans? I was possibly looking into getting a pair but can't find any threads regarding the jeans and pricing. Thanks!
Hey guys, I have a Lacoste oxford shirt that I bought a few years ago. The shirt has gotten softer and lost some of it's stiffness. Will starching and ironing bring this shirt back? Thank you!
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