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Does anyone have any more examples of NSM's overcoats, other than the ones posted by Medtech?
any idea which EG last would be most comparable to the Carmina Forest last?
+1 though I can't comment on this specific issue regarding the cordovan in question, my buy experience with Skoak has been extremely pleasant. They addressed a few hiccups that occurred along my own purchase in a pleasing manner. Hopefully this gets cleared up because most of the boot MTOs I've been thinking of were based on the darker cognac referenced from the horween picture. Also, how water resistent would calf be in walking in light rain? I am thinking of just...
Anyone interested in a plain brown calf with dainite sole for the austerity boot?
Will the austerity bal boot be on the Forest last?
Interested in the Jodphur. I am a 7.5uk in the Forest last with slightly wider feet. Any sizing tips?
looking to buy the inca last wholecut. I fit the 7.5 on Forest perfectly. Any sizing tips?
Carmina Suede Chelsea Boot -6.5 UK, Simpson last -box included $220 Shipped (firm) A beautiful shoe. Unfortunately, the Simpson last does not match my feet well.
More closet cleaning -Salvatore Ferragamo Loafer (model unknown) -Black 8EE (wide) -Worn once, Like new $150 Shipped (firm)
Cleaning out my closet -Salvatore Ferragamo Parigi Driver (Black) -Mint Condition -Size 8.5 $175 Shipped (Firm)
New Posts  All Forums: