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Cleaning out the closet and making room for new purchases. Below are three pairs of Carmina shoes in a size 7.5uk. All shoes come with a Carmina box and Carmina shoe bags. (the box may not be the original one that came with the shoe). Shoe trees not included. Shoes have been properly maintained and stored using shoe trees. 1. Carmina Forest Last Cap Toe in Dark Brown/Chestnut--7.5uk: $175 SOLD 2. Carmina Philadelphia Last Double Monk in Dark Brown/Chestnut--7.5uk: ...
I have only good experiences with Leffot. However, I was only in the shop once for a StC trunk show. They do let you look around on your own, but I never felt ignored by any means. In fact, Steven approach my girlfriend and I and assisted us while we were waiting to talk to Phillip. Che has also been great to work with and very prompt with emails. In fact, I hope to get an EG MTO soon, depending on the current turnaround time.
So the same person does not continue to work on your clothes for future orders? I notice that the quality of minor fit and finish details on my newer jackets have increased from my very first jacket. The sleeves are much more cleanly attached, without over puckering/sloppiness. My only "issue" is with the pants--the fit/silhouette is always the same, but I always require multiple visits to get the proper fit in the waist. However, I attribute this to a tailor's general...
Any clue when the S&C cardigans will be restocked--particularly the navy in small?
I received my Carmina MTO the other day: 955 Model--Brown suede derby on a double leather sole. Very very happy.
Might I suggest an SF affiliate, GABE Tailored? See their thread:
LIKE NEW: tried on inside, no wear. Carmina 762 Punched Cap toe lace up - Robert Last - Size 7.5uk - Brown/Chesnut (marron) - Original boxes, tissue paper, shoe bags included. Selling because instep is too high after trying them on. $385 USD Shipped Paypal. Shipping to the Continental United States ONLY.
Does anyone have any more examples of NSM's overcoats, other than the ones posted by Medtech?
any idea which EG last would be most comparable to the Carmina Forest last?
+1 though I can't comment on this specific issue regarding the cordovan in question, my buy experience with Skoak has been extremely pleasant. They addressed a few hiccups that occurred along my own purchase in a pleasing manner. Hopefully this gets cleared up because most of the boot MTOs I've been thinking of were based on the darker cognac referenced from the horween picture. Also, how water resistent would calf be in walking in light rain? I am thinking of just...
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