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No, 2 button suit is required
Quote: Originally Posted by eHaberdasher Hi there - it is normal for the chest measurement of the garment to be 2"-4" larger than the actual person's chest size in order to factor in the fabric, lining, and also a little wiggle room for basic movement. The Benjamin suits are a slimmer European fit with higher armholes - both the Lucente as well as the Maestro models. You are quite right, my mistake - was doing 5+ 2 =7 instead of 5-2=3 (too much...
Quote: Originally Posted by Joe Cool Blues Brothers tribute band gig? lol No, wedding - groomsman. available rent option is MW calvin klein. Feeling more reluctant to spend much on a black suit I 'll rarely wear again Another candidate Wizard of aahs - Daniele
Looking at a 41R/42R black benjamin and the chest size say 45" which looks a bit on the large side to me. is this accurate? What avaiable in store suits would you compare the fit to?
Quote: Originally Posted by landshark Any reason why it has to be black? That Firenze looks good enough if you absolutely need a suit that is black. I'm skeptical about 1 button suits though. If you're going to a funeral or something that you think a black suit is required but it isn't explicit, then you can probably get away with a dark navy or charcoal suit, which you can use again in the future, whereas the black suit you will be able to wear much less...
Need to get a 42R solid black suit on short notice (like 2 weeks). I am in the SF bay area and don't mind buying online. Budget is $500 max, but would like to minimize as much as possible Current candidate is a Hugo Boss Jam76 for $400 Also looking at this METAMODA 1970 - FIRENZE but haven't found much info on it. Advice/comments welcome
Looking to buy a black leather lace up shoe in 10.5/11M
Looking to buy a good quality solid black two button notch lapel slim fit suit.
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