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1. It might be possible to use the IP address(es) the guy was been posting from to help track/localize him. Volunteers living in the area can then follow up physically. 2. I dont think being a new poster or old poster is necessary or sufficient for suspicion. Going forward, SF might consider setting up an informal escrow system e.g. in the case where one party (seller or buyer) does not trust the other, they have an approved (either by the parties or SF) member serve as a...
Quote: Originally Posted by venessian Yeah. Obviously he hasn't really done enough work in the last 24 or so hours.... Besides the fact that the red tracks, for him, the sold items. I guess it takes less time to change colors than to delete? If he has time to edit colors, he should have time to delete or hide entries. If he wants to keep track of what he has sold, he should use his payment records and not his...
I would suggest the seller simply deletes (or hides) shoes that are no longer available from the list, making the list easier to browse and manage.
Hope she knows her numbers well.
I simply aim to spend no more on any item than its value to me.
Nice idea. I would suggest a wiki/database approach, in which users can submit information (brand, line, color, fit, measurements before alterations etc) about any suits they have or are familiar with. statistical analysis and/or reference entries can then be used to estimate true values from which silhouettes can be generated.
Think of getting a MV 42R. Does anyone have info on how the cut compares to a Hugo Boss Jam suit. Secondly, anyone with suit and pant measurements for this size. the values posted on the listing look big for a 42R jacket and the pant seem smaller than a 36.
Quote: Originally Posted by eHaberdasher Sorry - don't quite follow - could you clarify the significance of the mathematical equations? And also the meaning of "kaff"? In considering the allowance for the chest, I was computing 45-42= 7 instead of 3. Kaff = caffeine
No, 2 button suit is required
Quote: Originally Posted by eHaberdasher Hi there - it is normal for the chest measurement of the garment to be 2"-4" larger than the actual person's chest size in order to factor in the fabric, lining, and also a little wiggle room for basic movement. The Benjamin suits are a slimmer European fit with higher armholes - both the Lucente as well as the Maestro models. You are quite right, my mistake - was doing 5+ 2 =7 instead of 5-2=3 (too much...
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