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I think there is always a depth and breadth dimension to abilities. The narrower your breadth, the faster you can increase your depth. If you are lucky to get matched with something you have an affinity for, then you can really improve your depth much faster. I think all people are exceptional in one way/thing or another, just that most never find out what it is, and end up living their live in mediocrity, which is not bad if you are happy IMO.
Quote: Originally Posted by ALFAMALE There is a certain reputation that an agent has to establish; getting the best house for the client means they may recommend you to their friends, people they know, etc. A good agent wont mess things up by being greedy on the commission end...good reputation means more business... getting the best house as defined by who - the agent or the buyer? if it is by the buyer, then are you saying that after...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube I AM an agent. And your scenario, while probably quite perfectly formed in your head, has very little connection with the reality of the real estate industry. and what is this reality? you goal as an agent is to minimize your commission? or you dont even care about the commission? Interestingly, the fact that you are an agent may be why you seem to make an effort not to see the reality.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar I would give her immediately a job , as a nanny. I give her a job or she gives me b job; I dont care which comes first.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube Okay, in that instance, maybe. But OP made it sound like agent was doing it because he'd make more money, which while technically correct, the money involved in pretty small. And, since we haven't had a seller's market for quite awhile, it doesn't really apply today. Ho much money the agent would make and how valuable it is are all subjective. A $300 increase in monthly income is substantial to some...
Quote: Originally Posted by JMRouse It's also only $18 on Amazon. Wouldn't hurt someone starting out to give it a read. The question shouldnt be 'will it hurt?', but (in the least), 'will it help?" That it wouldnt hurt is not sufficient reason to spend time reading the book
For those recommending the Kawasaki book, has anyone actually read it, and if yes how practical is it in your opinion. I have taken look through and it seems more like a motivational book than a hands on guide/handbook to me. I may be wrong, but I doubt it has the resources the OP needs e.g. it tells you to write a business model but doesnt say what makes a good one (advised to ask a woman -wtf) . On success/failure of tech startup, I believe most fail because they are...
From a buyer's perspective, my problem with commissioned real estate agents is the likelihood of a conflict (or misalignment in the least) of interest/goals, - As a buyer, I am looking to buy a house for as low as possible relative to its actual value i.e. for a given house, minimize the sale price - the agents commission increases with the cost of the transaction, i.e. the higher the sale price the better. Hence it is arguable that, besides the risk of a deal falling...
I peed standing up
Would advise that you seek a partner that has some management experience from a startup environ
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