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What is the best source (online or B&M in US) for Isaia suits in staple colors (navy, charcoal etc)?
Quote: Originally Posted by PocketCircle I have a Caruso. It is 40R but please check the measurements. http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=235277 Thanks Thanks but chest is too small.
Looking to buy a new (or like new) solid navy or charcoal 2B notch lapel suit of very good quality. Pants should be flat front. Size is EU 52R/L (US 40-42R/L, chest armpit to armpit should measure about 44"). Current preference is for an Isaia (Base-S) but will consider other quality brands e.g. Caruso, E-Zegna partenopea etc Would appreciate info on any sources with good prices, either online, in SF bay area. Will consider sources from Texas and Chicago too
1yr is enough for the knowledge while 2yrs is required to instill the soft skills, mentality and attitude. Which program is right for you will depend on what your are missing.
In my understanding a brief is a document and the reference to 'any format' means options of document structure and/or file type e.g. MS word, pdf, etc. I dont see how a website could serve as a brief (for one you cant print it out and hand out to others). I am not against you having a website to support your brief e.g. with links in the brief pointing to the website, but dont think the website should be the primary delivery vehicle. IMO, a brief should be a document,...
Why you seem bent on designing a website when you are asked to prepare a presentation/brief is still beyond me. Unless the job would involve hands-on designing of websites, I dont see why you would want to go that route. This project is an opportunity to show how suitable you skills and experience are for the position. I doubt a maverick is what they are looking for. The ability to communicate effectively via defined media is often as important as the content that is...
Quote: We are excited to invite you to participate in the next phase of the interview process. For this phase we would be grateful if you would prepare a presentation/brief on the following two challenges: 1. Develop a website brief for the _____ Arts & Cultural Centre. You can base this brief on information currently available on the web. The purpose of the brief is to inform and excite staff, board, partners, funders and tenants about our plans for the...
I think there is always a depth and breadth dimension to abilities. The narrower your breadth, the faster you can increase your depth. If you are lucky to get matched with something you have an affinity for, then you can really improve your depth much faster. I think all people are exceptional in one way/thing or another, just that most never find out what it is, and end up living their live in mediocrity, which is not bad if you are happy IMO.
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