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I picked up a small Manitoba off of eBay and, imo, it fits me better than the medium. I'm 5'10, 170 lbs. Small Medium
There was a recent sales event for an extra 15% off of sale items, but the more expensive brands weren't included in the sale.Does anyone have any experience with the sizing and quality of CG's Mountaineering jacket?
I wrote a review for a backpack that I bought from Altrec but I still haven't received a 15% discount coupon.
I got to try on a medium Chateau and thought it was too bulky for my tastes. I also got to try on a medium and a small Citadel and I loved fit of the small. I'm now on a quest to find a small spirit blue/navy one on sale.
Good initiative. I think you should include the jacket name as well.
Thanks. Hope your order makes it through without any surprises.Thanks, but their free shipping applies to U.S. orders only. Have you tried ordering from them and shipping to Canada?
The discount wasn' greatt enough for the risk of getting hit with duties and taxes on top.
I ended up cancelling my order with goodsports because they wanted an extra $50 USD for shipping to canada via USPS. Still on the lookout for a slim-fitting CG jacket (medium, darker colours preferred).
Just placed an order for a medium black Chateau. I chose UPS next day air for the free shipping method and the total came out to $531.25 USD. I'm surprised all of the different shipping options are free... there must be something wrong.
Thanks for the heads up. I guess end-of-season sales will only have larger sizes available.
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