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Quote: Originally Posted by Razeus I'm left handed. So when I loop my belt, I loop towards my right and my belt end faces my right. PLEASE don't let an SFer see you do this. You're likely to be shot.
Regarding shirt material, you may want to look here: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread...light=treatise
You're a quick learner bro! That's a killer combo. Those would also look *sweet* with a charcoal zoot.
Quote: Originally Posted by j BTW, there are no plans to start fees here (though I have been prodded to a few times) but I will put up a 'how sellers can donate' thread instead, so people who want to will know how. j, I just want to Thank You for this stance. I've not yet sold anything on the B&S Forum but have recently made several purchases. In all cases the products, shipping and service have met or exceeded expectations and it is hard for...
Uh, me too. I enjoy breaking rules.
Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy Not a fran of the exotics, belts or otherwise. I have a pair of Fenestrier gator oxfords that are gorgeous and never worn, same goes for my gator JM Weston loafers. Just too flashy. Yes, I somewhat agree with what your saying (about the shoes anyway). Kind of a too 70's pimp or something, at least for dress. For clubbing I might could see some badazz gators on my feet.
Quote: Originally Posted by j I wonder if it might be easier/better/cheaper to send the whole batch over to a proxy here who could run the sales and shipping for you. I'm sure someone might be interested for a cut. I'm in between projects, have a camera, and am *fairly* honest. j/k I'll be a proxy, especially if we can do another SF auction type of thingy.
Dang GQ! It sounds like you've got awesome taste in music. I usually listen to classical, piano or some kind of relaxing music during the day also. Whenever I get in that "mood", my assistant knows to NOT EVEN interrupt me because Metallica or NIN is blaring from my office (and I'm usually jumping around like some madman all red-faced and arms flailing) LOL. Anyway, hope you didn't get in too much trouble.
Quote: Originally Posted by dusty Uhh, that dude with the rolled up sleeves is wearing open-toed sandals and I think the guy in the orange polo with the popped collar might be wearing them too (and they are both wearing shorts). Clearly, this place is a sartorial Mecca. I think that dude has tits though
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