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Entirely too utilitarian for my tastes. I think I'd be hard-pressed to find something more boring or uninteresting.
Hey, I know I'm the devil's advocate here, but seriously...that car is FUGLY.
Quote: Originally Posted by Almighty1 How does Oakley compare to Revos in lens quality though? I only had one pair of Revos and their polarization sucked. I'd put Oakley right up there with Maui Jims and Costa Del Mar. Porsche Carrera Design are incredibly incredible shades and worth the $400 or $500 per pair if, unlike me, you don't trash/lose 3 or 4 pair every year.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang Just in time for the coming of warm weather, we have a new pink checked seersucker pocket square -- along with a new website. Nice site Kent (the square looks pretty good too ).
You guys are a Very. Scary. Bunch.
Quote: Originally Posted by kronik to the point of lying about me and undermining me at every given opportunity. I've complained about it to HR, to no avail. My question is, can I take any action based on it? This sounds like the typical political BS that alienated me from corporate life. I'm not going to go into a dissertation on how to survive/cope except to say that when unfounded criticism leads to subversion and eventual...
+2 on LawyerDad's original post ...but don't ever get into the role of saving a "damsel in distress", always a bad move IMO.
Quote: Originally Posted by michaeljkrell So if I get a PO Box in Florida, and setup a LLC there, does that mean I do not have to pay state income tax in Nebraska where the "headquarters" is? Yes, true, unless you have a "physical location" in Nebraska where goods are being sold, in which case Nebraska income (and sales) taxes would be due. Essentailly your "headquarters" would be in FL though (for corporate tax-paying purposes) whether or not...
Hmmm....that's weird, it was showing up as an item no longer available in FireFox but the link worked fine in IE. I'll won't comment on the measurement issues except to recommend using a lot of scrutiny and verifying measurements with the seller. As far as the suit goes, it's nice and I think made by Caruso, on par with Canali and Corneliani as far as quality. Not a bad price IMO.
Maybe I'm missing something here but it sounds like you guys are thinking about changing the site design, creating buttons, etc. I looked at the vbulletin site and searched for "vbulletin style" and looked around (not too hard) and found only what seemed to be 3rd party site creation software. If you need anything done I could probably do it (if time is not of the essence). Just let me know and I'd be happy to help. Site looks good and better than most forums I've...
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