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Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Never heard of her. +1 Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing She was one of the most important figures in fashion, discovering Alexander McQueen, Phillipe Tracy, Jun Takahashi of Undercover, and others. Never heard of any of then in fact. Well I hope she got her name the old-fashioned way...and earned it.
I agree that 3 & 4 seem to fit the best but I still think that the shoulders/chest area is too large, unless you will be wearing a sweater underneath. That being said, size is the biggest priority for most of us here on SF and, in other words, if it doesn't fit we won't wear it. You have similar fitting issues as many of us (add an inch to your measurements and you have my sizes) and we know it's not easy to find RTW that fits. Do I think you can pull it off? I don't...
How about posting a link or including more info. I might be interested in checking it out.
Quote: Originally Posted by Steve B. Alternatively, I understand Excel WILL import directly into Filemaker. Is there a way to convert Word to Excel that doesn't require cutting and pasting individual entries? I believe you can. It's been a while since I've done it but in Excel you should be able to import the data (I forget where the import tab is). This should be able to be done directly or you might have to convert the data in ACSII comma...
While I don't necessarily disagree with most of what they are saying, (it all seems pretty common-sensical), my light cottons and linens prevent sunburn and that seems like a pretty good indication that they're protecting my skin from sun damage. I take any "study" like this with a huge grain of salt. I mean it almost seems like they're recommending a heavy denim outfit for summer. WTF?!? Also, FWIW, I've spent a large part of my life in the outdoors fishing and hunting...
^^^ +1. My thoughts exactly. Pre-SF they might have had potential but now I think I'd scrap 'em and start over. The 2nd one might be altered to work though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Augusto86 See, this is my problem - I burn through shades so fast through mis-use, carelessness and theft that I just can't see spending more than $20 at a time on a pair! Yeah, me too. A couple of gas stations around here sell a brand called Microlite that have good polarized lenses and decent construction for $20. If you can find them I highly recommend them. I wear my Oakleys on the street when I really care...
^^^ Yeah, I see what you guys are saying. I've got a couple of 80's vintage Seikos that are pretty classic and a Skagen I picked up at a duty-free about 5 years ago. Don't wear any of them, since cell phones became small enough to fit in my pocket I never really wear a watch anymore, unless I really feel like dressing up..
Cool! I've talked to a couple of M3 owners and it's supposedly a very hot car. I guess I always figured if you were going to drive it might as well be fun. Also, very cool color...it doesn't look stock.
DAMN LSeca!!! That is a really cool looking wheel section! Love the wheels, low-pros and cross-slotted rotors. What kind of car do you have? It reminds me a lot of my old 300ZX. Now THAT was fun car.
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