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^^^ +1. What's up with those sleeve buttons? To try and answer your questions, it looks like a pretty good overall fit including the chest and shoulders. Considering that it is listed as bespoke and "hand-tailored" I would also assume (maybe incorrectly) that it is canvassed. My other thoughts are that it seems to be pre-80's construction and I'm not sure how the market is for suits that small but I would bet that you could make a substantially lower offer of say,...
Quote: Originally Posted by lawyerdad STFU, pussy.
"a regular guest from Chicago" is not exactly what I would call revealing. I think the point is that these people get to know their guests so as to provide better service.
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan The way I read it, they just offer really, really good service. +1. And, also, isn't Hong Kong kind of known for having like 13 billion other tailors beside Chang and Jantzen?
what j said. My odd trousers are all being replaced with slimmer fit (8-9" leg openings), no cuffs, barely touching my shoe. Besides currently being fashionable, this seems to work well with my shorter stature and smaller frame.
Quote: Originally Posted by NoVaguy Your shirt sleeves, otoh, probably should be longer. +1. I think the suits look great. I'm not getting the criticisms?
I'm a 39R or S also and Polo (or any RL) , Canali, Corneliani and Paul Stuart seem to have a slimmer fit as does Joseph Abboud (but Abboud is fully fused). I'm 5'8" and found I'm right in between a 38R and 40S. You're right, 39's are tough too find in the first place, much less one that fits right or is in a style that I like or that I am willing to pay the asking price for.
A big yawn IMO. You've got to grab attention first. Skip right to "Savile Row and Savile Row Tailoring are now two different things." Or better yet, "After centuries, prominent tailors are being booted out of Savile Row" or even better, "Why are prominent tailors leaving Savile Row?". The entire opening statement and the Myth's opening paragraph can all be thrown out. They mean nothing to the reader.
Quote: Originally Posted by dhc905 Oh and the funny story revolves around my supremely passive-aggressive work environment. I wrote a message to one of the higher ups calling him out on his idiocy and particularly telling him to do "his due diligence" before turning into a complete dick. Apparently that was enough to start a 15 minute tirade by the head-honcho today at the after-work meeting (it was 2.5 hours, my fucking god). Anyway, he didn't call me...
Quote: Originally Posted by mbc If you are from southern california, these are the only flip flops you should be wearing: +1 on the Rainbows, but you gotta show some love for the Reef Fanning's
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