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Think I posted in wrong thread. So sorry, all this ebay porn everywhere I just get confused. OP - Just wanted to let you guys know about this Seller who just accepted my $20 Best Offer for a nice Crookhorn belt. I don't know, but they would probably (logically) take the same offer (or maybe less?) on what they have left. Various styles and sizes still available (but no more 36's ). http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZparents2abbyQQhtZ-1
Those Camden monks are totally sick. Squat in size 9 though.
I hate all the confusion caused by marketing. Some stuff you can call misleading and some stuff is just outright lies. The whole "Borelli" vs "Borrelli" is pretty blatant IMHO. I think I see this more in fashion than anywhere else.
Do you want paper or plastic?
Edit: I agree with all those who picked #8. Please throw my ballot (#7) into the trash and recast my vote for #8. My apologies, I finally got a little java going through my brain and realized the numbers were below the pictures.
Not to confuse you but everyone else is wrong #7 is the obvious choice
Quote: ThinkGeek put together this 8-bit tie as an April Fools joke, but so many people wrote in about it they decided to actually make it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sartorially Challenged "They [the Chinese] have a fraction of our labor costs, their quality matches or sometimes even exceeds ours. Our only advantage is our design... which gets copied quickly by the Chinese." The surprising thing for me was how the Italian manager considered Chinese manufacturing quality (in the luxury furniture market anyway) "equal or better" than Italian makers! BTW, the labor costs in big cities...
Has anyone ever tried the "horizontal" button holes shown on the Jantzen "new styles" page or whatever it's called. I'm not sure why but I'm really intrigued with the idea.
Quote: Originally Posted by oman do i just look like some fag Homeslice, I generally try not to call people out on such things but if you insist on using such vulgarities in this forum.... I might have to knock you over your right eye with a pipe. AGAIN
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