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Quote: Originally Posted by Augusto86 I just wonder why I should spend more than, say $50 on a piece of silk that just hangs there. I guess the same could be said of any garment, but it's just more decoratively nonfunctional than most. I agree and usually get most of mine at Marshall's/Burlington/TJ for $20-30. I can see differences in quality but a $20 Trump (as an example...flamesuit on) rates right up there with some of the best as far...
From 1999-2001 I dealt with the management of truck dealers a lot and it sounds like you're right on track. It's a very "khaki and polo" casual environment. As a salesperson, a jacket over a polo or dress shirt will be dressy but acceptable in most cases but I think you're right to stick with the "uniform" at first (khakis and button down oxford). And you're spot on with the shoes. Forget everything you learned here about shoes and go for comfort and style. Truck lots...
For whatever reason the "timeless" and "classic" penny loafer design really turns me off...not in a sense that I can't appreciate them when worn by others, but more just not for me. In H.S. I endured a kind of "anti-preppy" penny loafer/boat shoe thing and that prejudice probably still exists but penny loafers seem so "safe" or otherwise lack creativity for me...similar to my lack of love for anything paisley. Just removing the penny slit increases the look of a shoe...
Quote: Originally Posted by compfi But the shoulder can really only be taken in, correct? So, I need to match the chest and then try to find a jacket with broad enough shoulders? Actually, I'm not absolutely, positively sure but I don't think you can really alter the shoulders either. Shoulders, chest and length are things you really don't want to mess with.
Very cool loafers but they almost look too shiny to me. It's hard to photograph leather some times but they look more like a casual leather that wouldn't take shining so well. I'd probably take some saddle soap to them and maybe a little mink oil if they needed it (they'll get darker). Who made em?
What's shipping to US?
I don't watch a lot of TV but I'm really surprised how little love there is for Boston Legal here.
Last year I saw Soundgarden in Tampa at (I think) the SunDome. Not only did Chris Cornell totally rock out with Rage but, and I still can't believe this, the place was nearly 25% capacity. Whenever the mosh pit "settled down" we ended up being like 30 feet from the stage. Very cool experience!
Quote: Originally Posted by whacked Both links lead to this: "Error: eBay has blocked access to feedback. Toolhaus is unable to obtain information which is available only to registered eBay users. We're not happy about this." Am I missing something? me too
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