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Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday I kind of like the idea of a card case in ostrich, though I wouldn't pay for one. WHAPS old man across the head with lead pipe... and runs off with ostrich card case
Quote: Originally Posted by Alexander Kabbaz We designed them that way on purpose. Yes, I can appreciate the design and attention to detail. With all respect, hopefully one day I can justify the expense Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 I really don't like the striped socks getting down with eachother later in the post.
Quote: Originally Posted by chas That polo shirt is perfect. I just can't cough up $300 for a polo at this point. Living in NYC I may make a cardboard sign and sit on the street corner. "Well fed but need $300 for a really nice shirt." ^ That is an incredibly great looking shirt! Can I ask, Alexander, is the wide bottom cuff more an expression of function or style?
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt I don't like SB peak lapel suits, but other than that it looks pretty nice. ^+1. It would be a really hard choice to have to choose one or the other. Those peaked lapels just are not doing it on the RL and the Borrelli pinstriping is shouting "Valentines Day massacre" or something. Outside of those issues for each, I think they're both great-looking suits of the highest quality.
Just looking at the pictures kind of made me feel gay
Sorry to hear that PoloGuy. Losing people you love is the hardest thing about getting older (for me anyway). I thought Vanity might be back when I read the title of the thread, so on the bright side... (j/k if you're out there Vanity)
Is that a crack pipe in the top right corner of the 9th picture?
^^^ my pleasure. Just to add...from "The Ultimate Guide to Suits", American (aka Sack Suit) Historically an English cut dating to the Victorian era where it replaced the morning and frock coats. Originally a waistcoat, the sack's boxy, loose-fitting structure was often meant for outdoor activities like golfing, fishing, bicycling, etc. Also referred to as a lounge suit, the sack was considered casual wear until the late 1800's (1890 or so) when the sack became...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jared It's all about the knee of the curve, the marginal value. Once you hit AE, you shouldn't spend more on shoes until you've brought all your other purchases (and I'm not just talking about clothes) to the same level. If you like shoes, then spend your truly discretionary income to upgrade to Grensons, Greens, and Lobbs. +1 I love shoes. Lobbs and Greens are beautiful. If I owned any I think I'd be afraid to...
I don't know but when I think of sack suits I don't necessarily consider pant pleats or cuffs. I think of Brooks Brothers. I thing of a jacket with little or no waist suppression. If there are darts in the jacket I think of it more as a "hybrid". Pleats / no pleats and with or without cuffs are more personal preference to me and have little to do with whether it's a "sack" or not.
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