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Quote: Originally Posted by emerckx We all know how this market works. Deal with it, factor the three percent into your asking price and start acting like capitalists, because that's what's happening here, my dears. thanks for the insight newb
Drops. Very nice ties...can't believe they're still here.
Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman It's only "free" if you fund the transfer through your bank account. You should not do this. It's not worth saving the 3% to give them access to your bank account. Your credit card is well protected, your bank account may not be. I can kind of buy into this but would counter that your bank account is probably perfectly safe. PayPal are some evil greedy fuckers but I don't think that even they are...
^^^I think you can "rub out"/remove built-up polish/wax with a good conditioner like Lexol. There is a ton of information about shoe care and antiquing in these threads, 1 & 2.
I really like that tie but it seems the total opposite end of the spectrum from your everyday solid or stripe...even farther out than the "neatness" of a Hermes or Ferragamo Panda pattern. Just saying. BTW, who makes that tie?
I agree with everyone else. The shoulders and chest are the hardest thing to get right and that jacket looks like it fits perfectly in those areas. Stylistic choice or not, your shirt and jacket sleeves really throw that suit into the "I'm in the middle of a growth spurt and will get a new suit when it's over" bin. Really, really bad IMO. And that is a very high button stance (but I like the fashionably high gorge). As far as the vents go, not the best work but I don't...
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 there is no need for trees in shoes just worn after about 2 days. After taht, it's all about lookiing good and serve no useful purpose. This is my understanding of it also. But I just like the way my shoes look with trees in them so I store them all with trees. Still need to figure out/build a bigger/better storage system though...they're scattered in a couple different closets and underneath my desk
I'm pretty sure that RIDER uses a toothbrush for applying and finishes off with Lexol/conditioner and not polish or wax. Anyway, that's what I've been doing since reading about it here. The main thing is that you store your shoes in trees, keep them clean, and condition them regularly (3-4 X a year but I think Ron suggests every 2 weeks).
Quote: Originally Posted by cahlersmeyer Since some people here have had rough pasts with them, what are some other brands that make similar thin style watches, but I do not have to give and arm, leg, and my first born son to get? Yeah, I don't know, I'm not really a watch guy but those old 80's era Seiko Lasalles are the thinnest watches I've ever seen and my watch guy says that they have "the most beautiful movement he's ever seen", FWIW....
^^^Yes, exactly. That's basically what I was trying to say. I don't know what the stats are for SF but I'd bet there are hundreds if not thousands of unique visitors per day that come wandering through here via some kind of sartorial search on a search engine. Google any obscure brand or anything related to men's clothing like "best suit" or "suit construction" or "slim fit shirts" or whatever and SF and AAAC are always going to be in the top 5. Anyone searching about...
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