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Quote: Originally Posted by jrobjr The Plunger is a superb seller, I am sure there is some mistake here. +1, I've had several good transactions with this member. And those cuff links are tempting my minimalist side.
Got these today so bump for a great deal on some sweet summer ties...these are a lot nicer IRL. #3 is closer to the 2nd pic but with a slightly more pink ground and a wonderful linen-like texture...very versatile "go-to summer tie". #17 has a very subtle almost seersucker type texture and I can't think of a better match for the blue/white seersucker suit/jacket. I don't make a habit of endorsing B&S items but these are that nice. All of the snow should melt away next...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tomasso It would take several additional inches just to cover your butt, which is the minimum length requirement.. [/IMG] Yes, this. A jacket should be just long enough to cover you butt. A little more length is acceptable and can be considered more conservative but the jacket in the picture, as-is, is runway cartoonishly short IMHO.
Registrant: Jiang Yi No.3, Room 2008 Pushang Rd 775 Shanghai, NA 200000 Record created on 26-Apr-2009.
While I might agree with the "list it or don't" sentiment, the idea of having a pinned thread just for IC's seems like a bad one. What irks me more than ICs is all of the "Proposal:" and "Let's change B&S" threads; partly because it sounds kind of like complaining to me and partly because I liked the old ways better...you know, when B&S was in the top fold and you could click one link and see everything members had to offer. Then again, sometimes I can be very lazy.
I don't have those particular pants but do have a pair of Hiltl cords that are very slim. The quality and fit are nearly identical to Incotex cords that I have with just a slightly higher rise than the Romanian/Portugese pants from the Inco frenzy...if any of that helps you.
The neck tie says to the hat, "You just go on a head and I'll just hang around."
I don't know, I'm far from an expert but that eBay belt doesn't look bad for the price. It's stamped "Top Grain" so it's not Full Grain but still, $25 vs $55+. I guess it depends on how much you want to spend. Quote: Cut from Thick #1 9-10 ounce Belt Grade Domestic Hides tanned in North Carolina.
Quote: Originally Posted by dhc905 Hilarious, I know exactly what groupons you've got and which one's you've used. If the cognac class is for drinks over dearborn (I had a wine and scotch tasting class there), it's actually quite a bit of fun. Bespoke cuisine was a lot of fun too (hope you got the groupon for that, it's normally $80/person, down to $40 via groupon). Maybe we should go on a groupon double date, lol. LOL, Groupon rules. I'm...
^^^ Oh you mean this bag... Final drop to $180. Great price on a jacket that is much more distinctive and has more character than a "normal" leather jacket.
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