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I don't have those particular pants but do have a pair of Hiltl cords that are very slim. The quality and fit are nearly identical to Incotex cords that I have with just a slightly higher rise than the Romanian/Portugese pants from the Inco frenzy...if any of that helps you.
The neck tie says to the hat, "You just go on a head and I'll just hang around."
I don't know, I'm far from an expert but that eBay belt doesn't look bad for the price. It's stamped "Top Grain" so it's not Full Grain but still, $25 vs $55+. I guess it depends on how much you want to spend. Quote: Cut from Thick #1 9-10 ounce Belt Grade Domestic Hides tanned in North Carolina.
Quote: Originally Posted by dhc905 Hilarious, I know exactly what groupons you've got and which one's you've used. If the cognac class is for drinks over dearborn (I had a wine and scotch tasting class there), it's actually quite a bit of fun. Bespoke cuisine was a lot of fun too (hope you got the groupon for that, it's normally $80/person, down to $40 via groupon). Maybe we should go on a groupon double date, lol. LOL, Groupon rules. I'm...
^^^ Oh you mean this bag... Final drop to $180. Great price on a jacket that is much more distinctive and has more character than a "normal" leather jacket.
Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman I've been out with some very cheap people and when it came to splitting up the bill they bring out calculators to figure out everybody's exact contribution, including tip. More often than not I'll just wind up paying for the whole thing to spare myself the misery of having to listen to them bicker back and forth. Sounds like me. Picking up the tab is a bad habit I inherited from my...
I'm probably going to regret it but I got a great deal on this Hammacher Schlemmer deerskin jacket and it has not left its dustbag in the year and a half that I've owned it. This was originally $600 until it was finally cleared out at $229. It's a 100% deerskin jacket with contrasting brown leather collar, size Small, always stored in the included cloth dustbag. This is the softest leather I've ever owned and all of the pieces are matched perfectly. The pictures do not do...
Love the suede! No 8.5s though Best of luck with the sale...great price!
I'm far from being religious and realize there is sometimes a lack of respect on these boards, but really?
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