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Quote: Originally Posted by enolasfinest The fact that many SF's consider machine washing and non-iron shirts taboo is plain stupid. These people need to get a life. I haven't kept up with SF as much as I used to but do not recall any knowledgeable members knocking the practice of machine washing shirts. In fact, the most informative articles I've seen recommended the practice. The caveat seemed to be breaking buttons IIRC. I know many only...
At 40 I see little correlation between linear age and what is appropriate attire, outside of trends like Ed Hardy, graphic Ts, "skinny jeans", etc. What seems more important to me is the image I want to present at a particular time. What are the circumstances? What is my mood? In a couple of days I'll be closer to 50 than I am to 40 and the diamond stud that I put in my ear 29 years ago is still there. Don't like it? Think it's passe? Think I'm trying too hard to be...
Color is cordovan (burgundy) but the leather is not "shell cordovan". Worn cordovan has "smooth" wrinkles without the fine lines (that these shoes have).
My tailor said she could do it but that the pants needed to be "re-cut" which basically means they needed to be completely de-constructed and put back together. While certainly cost-prohibitive it might be worth it if the pants are part of a suit.
OK, OK, I know they're not Incos or Mabitex or (insert your favorite brand here) but I just ran across this and thought I would pass it on. Dockers.com is having a 4hr sale TODAY ONLY from 12-4P EST. 40% off orders over $100 (including sale items) and free shipping. No code needed, all discounts applied at checkout. I just got some decent knock-arounds for $18 each delivered
Quote: Originally Posted by Cognacad To me someone buying a Rolex wouldn't be the kind of person to not be able to get his own PayPal account! Haha ! ftfy
You don't mention how familiar you are with your prey, the water you will be fishing, or your experience with fishing in general. A quick Google reveals Roscoe is "Trout Town, USA" so I guess we can assume that trout is what you'll be chasing. These fish can be both leery and finicky and sometimes hard to catch but the reality is that, outside of mechanics, they are reliably catchable once you figure out where they are and what they are eating. Trout are predictable (as...
Quote: Originally Posted by HORNS Yeah, he needs to be a little more subtle while trolling - he blew his wad when he mentioned drinking booze and shooting guns. But I used to go to this event at Christmastime called Santacide, at a warehouse in Oakland in the 'hood. This guy would have this table set up with 0.22 pistols facing this berm set up with trees decorated with ornaments along with busted out T.V.s with Santa toys in them. We'd drink ale,...
Quote: Originally Posted by hatguy this must be the fastest sale ever. no doubt. I wish i would have seen this thread sooner. Bump for a great deal from a great seller.
Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal Methinks you should stay away from shotguns. +1
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