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Got through about 16 pages and there's some great info in this thread. After 20+ years of abusing my body with "convenient" food and dining out, I finally got serious about eating healthier. Chicken breasts, tuna/chicken salads, fresh fruits and vegetables are all easy and staples in my diet now...and have already been discussed at length here. I've not seen mention of wok cooking though. Fast, easy, nutritious and tastes great; you can stir-fry just about anything. It...
Quote: Originally Posted by jrobjr The Plunger is a superb seller, I am sure there is some mistake here. +1, I've had several good transactions with this member. And those cuff links are tempting my minimalist side.
Got these today so bump for a great deal on some sweet summer ties...these are a lot nicer IRL. #3 is closer to the 2nd pic but with a slightly more pink ground and a wonderful linen-like texture...very versatile "go-to summer tie". #17 has a very subtle almost seersucker type texture and I can't think of a better match for the blue/white seersucker suit/jacket. I don't make a habit of endorsing B&S items but these are that nice. All of the snow should melt away next...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tomasso It would take several additional inches just to cover your butt, which is the minimum length requirement.. [/IMG] Yes, this. A jacket should be just long enough to cover you butt. A little more length is acceptable and can be considered more conservative but the jacket in the picture, as-is, is runway cartoonishly short IMHO.
Registrant: Jiang Yi No.3, Room 2008 Pushang Rd 775 Shanghai, NA 200000 Record created on 26-Apr-2009.
While I might agree with the "list it or don't" sentiment, the idea of having a pinned thread just for IC's seems like a bad one. What irks me more than ICs is all of the "Proposal:" and "Let's change B&S" threads; partly because it sounds kind of like complaining to me and partly because I liked the old ways better...you know, when B&S was in the top fold and you could click one link and see everything members had to offer. Then again, sometimes I can be very lazy.
I don't have those particular pants but do have a pair of Hiltl cords that are very slim. The quality and fit are nearly identical to Incotex cords that I have with just a slightly higher rise than the Romanian/Portugese pants from the Inco frenzy...if any of that helps you.
The neck tie says to the hat, "You just go on a head and I'll just hang around."
I don't know, I'm far from an expert but that eBay belt doesn't look bad for the price. It's stamped "Top Grain" so it's not Full Grain but still, $25 vs $55+. I guess it depends on how much you want to spend. Quote: Cut from Thick #1 9-10 ounce Belt Grade Domestic Hides tanned in North Carolina.
Quote: Originally Posted by dhc905 Hilarious, I know exactly what groupons you've got and which one's you've used. If the cognac class is for drinks over dearborn (I had a wine and scotch tasting class there), it's actually quite a bit of fun. Bespoke cuisine was a lot of fun too (hope you got the groupon for that, it's normally $80/person, down to $40 via groupon). Maybe we should go on a groupon double date, lol. LOL, Groupon rules. I'm...
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