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Quote: Originally Posted by Lord Asquith The suit fits, just get a short. +1, and don't listen to whoever said "no slouchin and stand as upright as possible". When trying on clothing, always try to use your natural posture and NOT stand upright (if this is unnatural).
Quote: Originally Posted by slide13 That being said OP...you sold some boots for a couple hundred bucks and misrepresented a minor detail....the guy wants $14....it's not like he's asking for a a ton money or to return the boots, just give it to him. Honestly, I think getting worked up over a damn White's shoe box is unreasonable...but I think it's also unreasonable to start a whole thread on this when the guy is only asking for $14, which seems a...
Quote: Originally Posted by hatguy Mark Kielty as above. April in Paris. These 2 brands seem to consistently come up when talking about the "best" belts. In my experience, Dingman can fall anywhere between crap and incredible. I'm surprised it hasn't been mentioned yet but I've found Talbott belts (and other accessories) to be of excellent quality and a very good value. Most of the high-end shoe makers also have great belts.
Quote: Originally Posted by utailor The ignorance shown by many in this thread is amazing. It is possible to fast that long but I doubt I would be able to pull it off. Thanks for the report op. +1. Thanks for sharing OP.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 What they're trying to say is that when one wears low-riding pants, then the tie would show because one would still tie his tie to reach the buckle. But all they're saying here is that the tie is tied too long. Goes back to the two main issues I mentioned. Exactly, I see. Quote: Originally Posted by ComboOrgan because that determines the length of one's tie? I think you...
How would this have ANYTHING to do with rise?
Sorry, just couldn't resist...
Santoni FAM at Marshalls? HOLY CRAP!!! I haven't checked them out in a long time but the closest I've ever seen was Timberland or Cole Haan. Amazing!
Sure seems like awfully narrow shoulders for such a large chest
Quote: Originally Posted by alliswell For 3 read 20. Depends on how hard your beard is, and how soft your skin. After three uses I'm still breaking a blade in. +1. I go at least 2 or 3 weeks before changing blades. Tried the Derbies but prefer the Bluebirds which I think cost me about $20 for 500 a couple years ago on the bay. The key to shaving with a DE is to not use any pressure...just drag it along your skin. It sounds and feels like...
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