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And if you haven't found it yet: http://www.jantzentailor.com/ http://www.styleforum.net/search.php?searchid=683063
Quote: Originally Posted by lawyerdad I think of him whenever I pass Cinnabon. OMG
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan No message, no explanation? C'mon j. Have we forgotten Vanity so quickly?
bump...because surely someone here has an opinion
Quote: Originally Posted by odoreater Whether you have it nipped in the waist is a question of personal preference. For example, I prefer very little "waist suppression" in my suits because I think it looks effeminate. Others disagree and prefer waist suppression - still others prefer extreme waist suppression. With regard to sleeve and trouser length, again, I think to some extent it's based on personal preference. I like both my sleeves and...
Quote: Originally Posted by tbabes I love the loop thing; if memory serves, it's on all of my Incotex trousers as well. Yes, I just got my first pair of Incos and just could not for the life of me figure out why that loop was there.
Quote: Originally Posted by blueorigami JKTs? Quote: Originally Posted by tiger02 They're labeled JKT--not sure what it actually stands for, but they're about $10 more expensive. On the fabrics pages they are labeled with a JKT before a number and mixed in with the other "regular" fabrics. I don't think the premium is quite $10 though, a little bit closer to $5 US. To see all of the online JKT fabrics, follow...
Quote: Originally Posted by j All I can say to the current "Audrey" is that if you are for real, and if you like having a job or a business to work for, you'd better contact Chuck directly and tell him to get his ass on the forums like now. Amen.
^^^ What he said.
Khoa, Welcome to SF. I think you get the award for starting the most boring fucking thread on SF FYI, I'm not giving you shit. I'm just laughing at myself for being so wired and mechanically reading this post...5'9" 8 1/2C, 6'1" 10D, 5'8" 9 1/2D, 6' 9D, 5'7" 11 1/2E, ^ Can we call you Bozo hahaha, 5'11" 10C, 6'1" 10D, 5'8" 9 1/2D, 6' 9D, 5'11" 10C, 6'1" 10D, 5'8" 9 1/2D, 6' 9D...WTF? and Good Night All!
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