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We are at about 500 jackets. Depending on when you ordered, the choice would be, I guess, to either submit your intormation to the spreadsheet in chronological order date (using the Insert Row function, then protecting those cells) or pursuing some kind of chargeback or refund. Drew has said, however, that if everyone asked and received a chargeback that there would not be enough funds to produce all the jackets. That is the latest.
Took a break from this thread for a while -- highly recommended! Anyway, was just looking at the spreadsheet, and what jumped out at me is that ToJ was a great business -- to get 500 plus orders from all around the world in a few months for an MTM leather jacket is just phenomenal. And a perfect example of stealth marketing, whether Drew meant it that way or not.
Of all those brand only uniqlo is aimed at a mass market. Every other one is a niche brand for various reasons.
I think that's close -- SF has generally stood for "artisanal" brands -- that's a pretentious way of saying we like clothes that aren't directed at mass tastes, that have some kind of story behind them (And ToJ is a hell of a story now!). I don't think most people on SF would fall for the facile ploy of slapping on a celebrity endorsement.But like a lot of things, you know it when you see it.
Just when we hit the bottom, it drops out.
There were stock sizes at one point; when I ordered I triangulated between my own measurements, the stock sizing chart, and jackets I owned that fit well. If you can't find the old stock sizing chart, I'd do the above two things. When I got my measurements I asked Charly, "So basically a stock 38?" and he said "yes." if that helps. I have no idea whether my jacket will fit well overall, but at least I'm confident that the individual measurements are within the realm of...
Right, I guess I was referring to the way the rand wraps around the upper. By themselves, glue and stitching shouldn't be a problem, but if you have to glue the rand to the upper then stich it, it could be a little complicated. (Though not impossible; I have a pair of Blundstones that I got in Australia decades ago...was told they were not resolable, but there is a company in Montana that has figured out a way to do it...$65 well spent.)
That's what's kept me from buying "baller" sneakers. Love the way they look but I'm 110% certain that I'll wear out the sole long before the upper, and that would really burn me if I'd paid $200-$400. I really like Rancourts, CPs, MMM gats in blue or brown, as well as the new Epaulet models, but I'm going to hold off unless I see a pair on B&S or Gr***ed for $100 or so.Though...how would you recraft a sneaker? You'd have to use some kind of glue, I guess, that you could...
Would be a real :foo:moment if they were all the same. http://www.styleforum.net/t/98968/one-shoe-wardrobe-why-not
thanks. this whole thing is making me feel like a 4 year old...
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