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I'll weigh in, because I've been eyeing WvG for years but haven't pulled the trigger. I' m definitely in your target demographic: I work in a biz-cash office, I prefer traditional styles at work but off-duty like to wear some "interesting" stuff like EG and Spellbound, and I almost always buy from smaller companies that source from living-wage factories, whether MiUSA or MiJ etc. To me WvG's competitors, at least among the SF set, are Epaulet, GV and MTM outfits like...
I used to feel that way, then I moved to Paris. Never seen so many 60 year old men wearing skinny jeans.Seriously, you could wear that quilted suede mdr with a high-end white shirt, a pair of quality denim or slim gray wool slacks and chelsea boots and you'd be a pretty bitchen middle-aged man.
Yup...had to do some horse trading, too. Stoked!Now I'm really in purgatory. Have a ToJ in the queue, can't even remembered when I ordered that.
I have a medium whiskey calf cm in the pipeline. So it's still out there. The bright whiskey is nice, too. I think it will mellow a bit.IMO on the goat, lamb, calf question: Calf is the most casual, lamb the most "formal." I just like the way thick leather looks after lots of use, whether it's calf or horse. That said, a counterintuitive combination like a rider in lamb is awesome -- give off that louche "I could ride my Indian Super Chief in this lambskin jacket" vibe.
^^Thanks, Fok. Sounds like I'm a 9, given that I typically take 42.5 in euro sizes (and 43s are typically too large). Rarely have I been so excited about spending $750. I think the last time was when I ordered from ToJ... Cheers, Peter
^^Thanks. That clarifies it.
Yeah, I know, sorry to be a . But for a full-price one-off preorder for a boot I've never tried (and won't have a chance to try on) that's over $700 you can understand there's a little anxiety. I've read the thread but haven't seen any exact comps.My question about UK vs. US sizing on the order page still stands, tho.
Well, I just landed an unexpected freelance gig, so these are in the cards for me. Pretty stoked. Please indulge a couple of sizing questions: 1) @LA Guy: The sizes in the pull-down menu on the Styleforum Store page are US sizes, correct? So if I take a 9.5 US, that's what I'll receive? (I've seen too many "I thought I was ordering US sizes but got the European one instead..." 2) I wear a 9.5 in Quoddy, 9.5D in various AE boots/shoes, a 9 in Chippewa. My typical Euro...
Potsnu, I think you might be underselling the varsity. Looks really, really sharp. The BCDR is not my style but IMO the steel gray is going to be better in the long run than a lighter gray. For one thing it won't show dirt/stains around collar/cuffs.
In my opinion, outside of import duties, what you are primarily extra paying for with Japanese denim is proprietary cloth -- most NA (but not all) brands use some variant from Cone Mills. That's not a bad thing, and probably more "authentic" than some exotic fabric woven on a basement loom in Okayama Prefecture.I'd also say that objectively that "quality" of a pair of jeans is more in the patterning and sewing than in the fabric . I expect good patterning and sewing and...
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