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@Andrew Nguyen Why not topy? More traction and you still get that nice leather flex.
Fuuny. I live in Europe and a French friend today was bemoaning the fact that Black Friday sales are now showing up in France. Regarding the constraints in sales: those laws are honored in the breach, as they say. Sure, France still has the two soldes, which are pretty much a disincentive to pay retail, but more and more "exceptionnel" sales are appearing in the shoulder seasonsIs it really ineffective tax enforce,ent as to why Europeans buy US goods from US stores? I...
My view of this thread is probably a little different than most, because I've had Distorbiant on block for about 6 months. However, kudos to him for being the squeaky wheel that seems to have unholstered the grease gun.
1. Black calf moto -- classic, all business, can wear to work or to go out2. Brown CWU -- casual, all american look3. Black goat or lamb 2010 double rider -- fashion, like the high/low aesthetic between biker look but sleek leather.OR full-on quilted suede MDR, but that's not going to age well. Just my opinion. BTW, didn't Epaulet do a navy double rider recently? It went into their sale section IIRC.
Those derbies look super. I'd like to point out though that the left and right lace pieces don't match in a lot of the pairs from the gmto. Not sure what's up with that. I have a pair of AE seconds with the same issue and it bugs me. I can live with it for the price, however.
Cut and fabric. They're casual shirts so collars are fine. Prices are fair for usa make, oddball makeups are heavily discounted. I'd suggest trying one from B&S first. You can always resell.
So...I'm now living in Paris, and my last two pairs of Allen Edmonds (MacNeil and Dalton boot) are getting a little bit shabby. AE is basically my price range ($300-400), and with shipping and potential customs hit it's not really worth it to buy from here. (In a more wealthier life I'd be an Alden and Vass man...) I've poked around a bit and think that Loake 1880s or Herring Classic Range might fit the bill. For those who own both AE and Loake 1880s, is there a...
If it helps you, I am exactly your size and was given almost exactly the same measurements for a CM. I might go a half-inch longer on the front measurements, need to go check again against other jackets.I told Charlie I'd be wearing a T or light button down, with potentially some room for a light sweater.Also, in that pic of Vaalbara, above, the sleeves look great, but the shoulders are just a tad wider than the look I'm going for, and I wouldn't even go 0.1 inch longer...
I still think the arms and body are too long for that style of jacket (cafe racer/moto). Not saying it needs to be skintight, but look at how the Epaulet model wears his on the site. The sleeves end above the base of the thumb and the jacket hits just below the bottom of the belt. Yours is 2-3'" longer.I guess what I would say is that for the price -- this is a coat you potentially will be wearing for decades -- I'd want a perfect fit. Especially because you can get an...
@macktasticgdawg: To be honest that Wyatt is too big on you. Too long in body and esp. sleeves, an you have room in shoulders, too. I'd exchange for smaller size. Too-large leather jackets are one of my no-nos.
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