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thanks. this whole thing is making me feel like a 4 year old...
Stupid question: I (very reluctantly) added my order details to Drew's spreadsheet. To do so, I inserted a row on my order date. But now I see a bunch of people have just added their orders to the end. What does he want us to do? I can move the row down to the end, but seems more logical to keep it in order, no? Gaa...such a potentially simple process made difficult...
LOL at people asking questions in this thread. There hasn't been one question that's received a straight answer in 2 years now.
That's what gets me...I'll probably cave and put my information down on the spreadsheet. I'm going to camouflage name/email etc. with asterisks, and I hope that Drew can figure that out.But still -- no one put these orders thru at all?
Thanks @FatCatPhil. We've got a bunch of people now working to move this thing forward, one way or another.Just to riff on that a bit, most if not all of us found ToJ via group forums, and ToJ grew organically that way. It's only right that we continue to act as a community here, working for the good of everyone -- yes, including Drew. Not going all Tony Robbins here, just that if we can push past the negativity (which is WELL deserved, and everyone should be allowed to...
Yeah, it really is. There's a reason the Germans have the expression "Leben wie Gott in Frankreich." ("Living like God in France")
Look, I am glad that Drew appears at least to be making an effort to sort this out. But, we've already sent him all that information at least twice -- once when we ordered, and again a couple of months ago. So what's the point? There is no way I'm sending any personal information to a publicly accessible database/spreadsheet. The whole point of Internet forums is public anonymity -- I've seen any number of forums go bad because someone breached that "third wall." If we...
I don't think they're worthless. Wish I had a spare million or two lying around and a bunch of time on my hands -- but that's what it would take, I think, to get things going. And, yeah, you'd need to have a relationship with sweatshops low-cost production facilities to make it work
Buy the company? Who in their right mind would buy a company with potentially 200 plaintiffs to a lawsuit? You'd have to offer to make everyone whole first. In other words, settle ALL the potential liabilities before you could even start thinking about production/design/marketing/order fulfillment. Fine to speculate but let's be realistic. Not saying it couldn't happen but you'd need an angel at this point.
I'm going to join a few others and issue a call to lower the temperature in here. It feels good to vent but I think at this point it's counterproductive to what we're trying to achieve -- some kind of resolution that lets everyone get their jackets, and possibly refunds. Calling out Drew on this thread is not going to bring this about. Of that I'm pretty certain.
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