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re the Golden Bear coat. I do indeed have a whisky CM in the queue from ToJ, but I will say that I have owned a Golden Bear jacket (in lamb, however) and was not happy with the leather quality -- dye faded oddly and the leather tore easily. YMMV of course, but that experience put me off GB.
So...not sure if this is a "small" question... After 25 years working in an industry (media) where I could pretty much dress how I liked, I'm seriously considering going corporate this fall. I'd be working for a multinational -- at their French regional HQ (I l live in Paris now), but with world travel in business settings -- so I would be pretty CBD, no flair allowed, and I need some suiting that is acceptable around the world. The French style (high and tight) isn't...
Depends on your goals. When I was in full gym mode, for about 10 years, my goals were to get lean and stronger without gaining mass. Lots of reps and body-weight excercises like pull-ups. Plus I had shoulder issues so maxing was out of the question.Now I swim, cycle and stretch. I'm not positive that standard weights are a good thing in the long term -- especially if like me your form probably wasn't perfect.I weigh about 15 pounds more than I did in HS, thank god, and...
I guess this is good news. But hope you and the Luxire guys are prepared to handle an endless string of MTM/MTO questions about sizing... Seriously, if I were doing what you're about to do, I'd have stock sizes with custom sleeve and body lengths available for a fee, and focus on leather/hardware quality instead. If buyers want full MTM, I'd slap on a serious upcharge. One of the problems with ToJ is that buyers thought they were getting the Savile Row bespoke treatment...
I wouldn't give Fok a hard time about the GMTO program. Things happen. As he pointed out, we are unique in the Viberg world. If you want an unusual makeup from a vendor, it's going to be pretty much happenstance that you stumble on it, and if you like it, AND the 20 pairs or so that were made include your size. Here, we get in on the ground floor with guaranteed sizing, at least. MTO programs can be abused and eliminated. See, for instance, the Allen-Edmonds individual MTO...
We are at about 500 jackets. Depending on when you ordered, the choice would be, I guess, to either submit your intormation to the spreadsheet in chronological order date (using the Insert Row function, then protecting those cells) or pursuing some kind of chargeback or refund. Drew has said, however, that if everyone asked and received a chargeback that there would not be enough funds to produce all the jackets. That is the latest.
Took a break from this thread for a while -- highly recommended! Anyway, was just looking at the spreadsheet, and what jumped out at me is that ToJ was a great business -- to get 500 plus orders from all around the world in a few months for an MTM leather jacket is just phenomenal. And a perfect example of stealth marketing, whether Drew meant it that way or not.
Of all those brand only uniqlo is aimed at a mass market. Every other one is a niche brand for various reasons.
I think that's close -- SF has generally stood for "artisanal" brands -- that's a pretentious way of saying we like clothes that aren't directed at mass tastes, that have some kind of story behind them (And ToJ is a hell of a story now!). I don't think most people on SF would fall for the facile ploy of slapping on a celebrity endorsement.But like a lot of things, you know it when you see it.
Just when we hit the bottom, it drops out.
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