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I think this is the only Sanders thread...correct me if I"m wrong. I'm looking at the two Sanders jodhpur models. The Newmarket is 155 pounds at Brogue Shoes, whereas the Newbury is 199 pounds. The Newmarket is advertised as being part of Sanders's Uniform range, while the Newbury is in the Country range. Hard to tell from the descriptions, but I think the main differences are that the Newbury is fully leather lined, and perhaps uses a better grade of leather. I may have...
That leaf-green green wool-lined 60/40 is pretty sweet. I don't really care for that style but with the right fabric it works. CDW is just about the last company to make top-quailty (i.e. something you'd take out in the field) down vests/shirt jacs. Eddie Bauer/REI/EMS/LLB etc. stopped around the late 70s/early 80s.
I admire the best Aloha shirts as art, but honestly they don't look good on anyone outside of the islands, and even then you've got to have a certain physique. The arms and body are just too blousy. But the fabrics are fantastic, and I like that Gitman/WvG, even EG are making contemporary shirts with Aloha-type patterns.
Dk if sizing is still same but I have a pair of painters pants from 09 or maybe 08 and they are pretty voluminous. I would size down unless you want that look. The rise is pretty long, too.
It depends -- I have a calf TOJ collared moto in the queue because I want it to age like that. But IMO something a little finer like goat or lamb can look tatty.I'm a big fan of biker-style jackets -- I think the classic rider is one of the great American designs -- but since I don't ride (though my great uncle had several hundred historic motorcycles in his collection) I'd probably avoid "real" biker gear like Vanson or some of the more moto Aero styles. But some of the...
Interesting. I was looking at them on the KW site a few months ago. The MD pix make them look a little floppy for my taste -- I was picturing them as a little closer to CP/Buttero dimensions. Think I'll pass.On a side note, I may have to take up pot smoking and/or vaping after joining MD.
Fascinating -- my ancestors on my father's side took exactly the same path at exactly the same time from the Pale, but they "chose" the US instead of the UK. His side of the family started as clothiers and built up a small retail empire in the US from the 60s to the 80s, selling eventually what I would call mall-brand fashions for women. Old photos of my uncles etc. definitely show that sort of wide-boy flair -- good quality tailoring that would have been custom-made,...
Obivously I'm just an occasional lurker on this and the mod thread, but I find the socioeconomic and political origins of these styles fascinating. We yanks don't even bother with that except for some of the more extreme trad/prep fans. (and a true trad/prep wouldn't even think of that either -- the idea is that you wear the clothes because, well, that's what you wear. no furthe reflection needed). Anyway, keep it up...
Question about the new Epaulet Gitmans -- does the cut differ in any way from standard GBV? What are some of the other detail differences? (I.e., still split yoke, 3rd collar button?) I ask because GBV mediums fit me perfectly, except the sleeves are a tad long. Thanks in advance!
That's a steal. Manufactum has great make ups but also is costly. Good find.
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