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Of all those brand only uniqlo is aimed at a mass market. Every other one is a niche brand for various reasons.
I think that's close -- SF has generally stood for "artisanal" brands -- that's a pretentious way of saying we like clothes that aren't directed at mass tastes, that have some kind of story behind them (And ToJ is a hell of a story now!). I don't think most people on SF would fall for the facile ploy of slapping on a celebrity endorsement.But like a lot of things, you know it when you see it.
Just when we hit the bottom, it drops out.
There were stock sizes at one point; when I ordered I triangulated between my own measurements, the stock sizing chart, and jackets I owned that fit well. If you can't find the old stock sizing chart, I'd do the above two things. When I got my measurements I asked Charly, "So basically a stock 38?" and he said "yes." if that helps. I have no idea whether my jacket will fit well overall, but at least I'm confident that the individual measurements are within the realm of...
Right, I guess I was referring to the way the rand wraps around the upper. By themselves, glue and stitching shouldn't be a problem, but if you have to glue the rand to the upper then stich it, it could be a little complicated. (Though not impossible; I have a pair of Blundstones that I got in Australia decades ago...was told they were not resolable, but there is a company in Montana that has figured out a way to do it...$65 well spent.)
That's what's kept me from buying "baller" sneakers. Love the way they look but I'm 110% certain that I'll wear out the sole long before the upper, and that would really burn me if I'd paid $200-$400. I really like Rancourts, CPs, MMM gats in blue or brown, as well as the new Epaulet models, but I'm going to hold off unless I see a pair on B&S or Gr***ed for $100 or so.Though...how would you recraft a sneaker? You'd have to use some kind of glue, I guess, that you could...
Would be a real :foo:moment if they were all the same. http://www.styleforum.net/t/98968/one-shoe-wardrobe-why-not
thanks. this whole thing is making me feel like a 4 year old...
Stupid question: I (very reluctantly) added my order details to Drew's spreadsheet. To do so, I inserted a row on my order date. But now I see a bunch of people have just added their orders to the end. What does he want us to do? I can move the row down to the end, but seems more logical to keep it in order, no? Gaa...such a potentially simple process made difficult...
LOL at people asking questions in this thread. There hasn't been one question that's received a straight answer in 2 years now.
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