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Le Laboreur is really, really cheap here in France. I picked up the free-range sheep veste laine for around 80 euros from a workwear shop, link below. The cotton moleskin is 66 euros.However the construction quality isn't great, although the fabric is very, very cool -- it's still got bits of gorse from the wool. Size-wise, go down 2. I got it in size 2 which in theory corresponds to a US small, but it's more like a large. Fine for layering, but I'll probably go down to a...
@basil rathbone If I were single I would live in the eastern part of the right bank. 10,11,18,19 arrondissements. Maybe 9th. Left bank too touristy, as are 1,2,3rd. We live in 17th, which has its cool parts but can be very bourgeois.
Superglue it and forget about it. Srsly.
It could very well be that the size of the waxed flesh order strained their production capacity....or, maybe Vibergs are now junk. In that case, I'll buy anything in siz3 9.5 for 50 cents on the dollar.
@LA Guy -- believe me, those sauces get tiresome after a while. I'm dying for a bottle of Cholula right about now. Are you in Paris? @peelzap Mine are actually really well stitched -- I looked them up and down for defects. The only issue so far is that the commando lugs are magnets for gravel.
Got mine in Paris on Wednesday. Half size down, I.e. Barrie's, is perfect. Wore them for five hours on Friday, no breakin required, including 3hour drive in hoilidays traffic. Then I played soccer with my son. I felt like Tom Dempsey kicking a field goal. These are seriously great boots. The few scuff marks I have are a little furry already.
IMO with raw denim a cold or cool soak with a mild soap like woolite or dr. bronners sal suds will not result in much indigo loss. What I wold do is soak for 45 minutes or so flat in the tub, turning and lightly working the areas where dirt gather (crotch, cuffs) with your hands. Then rinse in cold, hang til mostly dry, wear until fully dry, then hang (NOT fold) in an aerated place. I'm pretty sure you'll be OK.I've noticed there's a huge difference between a soak to get...
I think this is the only Sanders thread...correct me if I"m wrong. I'm looking at the two Sanders jodhpur models. The Newmarket is 155 pounds at Brogue Shoes, whereas the Newbury is 199 pounds. The Newmarket is advertised as being part of Sanders's Uniform range, while the Newbury is in the Country range. Hard to tell from the descriptions, but I think the main differences are that the Newbury is fully leather lined, and perhaps uses a better grade of leather. I may have...
That leaf-green green wool-lined 60/40 is pretty sweet. I don't really care for that style but with the right fabric it works. CDW is just about the last company to make top-quailty (i.e. something you'd take out in the field) down vests/shirt jacs. Eddie Bauer/REI/EMS/LLB etc. stopped around the late 70s/early 80s.
I admire the best Aloha shirts as art, but honestly they don't look good on anyone outside of the islands, and even then you've got to have a certain physique. The arms and body are just too blousy. But the fabrics are fantastic, and I like that Gitman/WvG, even EG are making contemporary shirts with Aloha-type patterns.
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