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@ericleavitt Looks too big, since you asked. It appears the shoulders are about 3" down your arms. I love that parka but it would have to fit me a little better to keep.
^^That's a pretty good fit. Too often I see riders that are way too tight up top. You must really dislike the zippers.
I'd also suggest Trickers, Heschung and Alfred Sargent Country Collection. In addtion, some Alden makeups lean toward the "work" side of things.
A burnt orange cash scarf would complete this outfit. Maybe it's because I live in France, but when I see a wool SC I always expect to see one. Otherwise, excellent and most tradly.
Thanks for listening. Now about those gunmetal zips...
Gold! Size Up 1 for "Master of the Senate" fit.
I think you could pull off a sports coat, unstructured, on top of an oxford cloth button down, nice jeans (would recommend you stick with jeans or khakis, in tan, olive and maybe navy) and chukka boots (Alden makes really nice ones, as Murlsquirl mentioned) If you must wear company attire, well, that's part of the deal with working for a company... I also work in an industry (media) where dressing better than my peers or sources is just not going to cut it. So at work, I...
That is an excellent next step. I have looked into doing so -- just need to find the time to put together a dossier. Definitely worth trying. The FTC also has a complaint form but it's more for statistical purposes as the FTC doesn't have jurisdiction to prosecute individual cases.
^^^I think it's worth asking. They'll either say yes or no.
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