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The discoloration is from a combination of sweat, skin oil and hair product. That's the danger with brown/tan leather jackets (I'm assuming that's what you have). I don't think there's a sure-fire fix, but I would try repeated applications of some kind of foaming leather cleaner like Lexol. Perhaps you can eventually draw out the dirt/oil. Worst case, you have to recondition the collar.
In what way? There's only one person at fault here.
Bumping this.I'd add that you might want to customize your petition form with amount you paid and date paid.
^^I think the most important thing with fit is where the ball of your foot falls. If it falls naturally just after the vamp, then you probably have the right size. Everyone's toes are a different length. I also tend to wear thick socks and insoles, so I tend to err toward the larger size. Shoes that are too tight are unwearable, whereas those that are a tad loose can be adjusted with inserts/socks/heel and tongue pads. The other thing that I've noticed, as have others, is...
Sorry, didn't mean to imply that French was the "lingua franca" of most of the ME, but it works quite well in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan, not to mention the North African countries except Egypt. However, that is changing and the younger generations are trying to learn English.It's interesting to see which languages "work" outside of their origins. I've noticed that there are still a few old Poles who speak German -- especially in the far south.
I'd have to agree, -- I suspect the definition of "speaker" is why that figure is lower. Here in Yurrup, probably 5 of 10 people I've run into speak enough English to answer basic questions. (And EVERYONE in the "little" countries in Northern Europe is semi-fluent.) Even in nooks and crannies like Corsica you'll find plenty of people who know some English.English is the "common" language in most of the world (French is for much of Africa and the Middle East). Best thing to...
That I couldn't say.
I am roughly same size with 39 chest. Medium fits me best, though previous season workshirts have actually been a little tight in the chest. Can't imagine a S would fit well unless you have narrow shoulders. But yes, measurements are variable, so best to know your chest/shoulder measurements and use that as a baseline.
There is also the US Embassy -- again, not saying that a few emails or phone calls would have an effect, but hundreds might.
^^And that was when we thought there were "only" 160 people waiting. I wouldn't expect a single report to have any effect, but if the police were flooded with them... I'm not totally at the point of saying this is our last resort. I sincerely don't want Drew or anyone else to get involved in the criminal justice system, especially not in South Korea, from what I've learned about it. And I don't want to use this as a threat. What I want, and I think what others want, is...
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