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Gold! Size Up 1 for "Master of the Senate" fit.
I think you could pull off a sports coat, unstructured, on top of an oxford cloth button down, nice jeans (would recommend you stick with jeans or khakis, in tan, olive and maybe navy) and chukka boots (Alden makes really nice ones, as Murlsquirl mentioned) If you must wear company attire, well, that's part of the deal with working for a company... I also work in an industry (media) where dressing better than my peers or sources is just not going to cut it. So at work, I...
That is an excellent next step. I have looked into doing so -- just need to find the time to put together a dossier. Definitely worth trying. The FTC also has a complaint form but it's more for statistical purposes as the FTC doesn't have jurisdiction to prosecute individual cases.
^^^I think it's worth asking. They'll either say yes or no.
I agree with this 100 percent, if true.
actually the wax will break down from things like flexing around the ankle. Also jeans will rub off the wax (onto your jeans...). I have about 75 wears of mine and they look about half that worn in. But if I actually wore them to do manual labor besides jockeying a desk they'd probably look like that in about a month. The wax comes off pretty easily via friction etc. The SF waxed flesh service boots on the 2045 are really, really nice -- once they broke in. I don't know...
^^I don't necessarily love the Bedford in that fit -- looks a tiny bit floppy in shoulders and sleeves. Have you tried it with a slightly structured CM blazer, maybe in a Harris tweed? Might bridge the CM/SWD divide quite nicely
@cellardoorsWell, it only took 5 minutes to file.And your (achievable, rational) solution is?I'm happy to spend a few hours of my time to try to either recover my $900 or punish a crime. If you're not, then you're either a sucker or that much money doesn't mean a thing to you.And if you don't have skin in this game or want to offer constructive advice, then you know what to do...
Actually the 1 percenter was reference to motorcycle clubs/gangs. http://www.dallasnews.com/news/state/headlines/20150518-motorcycle-gangs-like-those-in-waco-are-1-percenters.eceNothing to do with style/fashion/or Styleforum.
Um...that was a disproportionate reaction. If you come onto this forum, (or, really any forum) and aggressively promote a new product, you'll be accused of shilling for the company.Regardless, another possible entry into filling the ToJ void. $800 for US made SOUNDS good on paper, and I agree that pebbled finish gets you away from the 1 percenter vibe.
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