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Perhaps the collar is too large, or too starched. I think that combo looks best when the collar seam and button-down button are just snugged into the v-neck, but it's a hard fit to get right.You need a trim-fitting shirt that won't bunch around shoulders, and a sweater that's not too tight so the collar won't pull out of a v-shape into a U. Then there's the problem of a too-deep V. So a lot to consider overall.This Cucinelli look from N-M is pretty close: http://bit.ly/rwM5gI
Hello, I need some help sizing Gloverall duffle coats. I wear a size 40 suit right otr -- my chest, expanded (ahem!) is exactly 40 inches. But pit-to-pit measurements on size 40 Gloveralls seems to be 23 or 23.5 inches. That seems pretty voluminous if I'm not wearing a heavy sweater or tweed coat -- which I rarely do, as my office is pretty casual. I'm inclined to size down to a 38. Does anyone have any experience? Thanks in advance, Peter
Epoc outfit is epic. I'd switch the Guidis for a very plain chunky blucher or derby, but that's just IMO. Well done!
Those are not going to look good on me. However, the reversed sateen is a brilliant fabric.
I just feel like LLBS has 20 versions of plaid shirts and 15 versions of straight-leg chino trousers. I still say the colors are too muddy. Old LLB gear was more vibrant -- think Norwegian sweaters, blackwatch tartans, bright red chamois shirts.(Note to LLBS: If Alex Carleton brings back the straight-collar blackwatch tartan flannel in a slim fit WITH THE SAME QUALITY I will buy 10 of them.)
The San Rocco boot looks nice but for $375, I'd rather have Merrells and $100 in my pocket. I'd like that Arrowsic parka if it were 5" shorter. the version with the stripes is a McNairy WWM ripoff. So overall, I agree with you.
Shoulder hoody looks great on a woman, but I think that's because we're used to seeing women wear cropped tops and vests. On a man it's definitely pushing the boundaries of what's expected, not that there's anything wrong with that, of course.
Yes -- they're like 250 new. Tho i saw a few large/small pairs of the Rocker x at C21 for $100. Great jeans, at least for my wife -- she wears a men's 27. Only turn off is the orange stitching but I kinda dig it.
Think of RL and RRL -- Rugger is Gant's more stylized line. Gant mainline is pretty dull last time I checked.
Sleeves fit great, but it's a little lumpy overall -- try it with a sweater and scarf.At your height and weight, though, you probably are going to have a hard time finding outerwear that fits slim. If it's comfortable, I'd keep it.
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