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Don't want to start a thread for this -- and I'd be embarrassed to post in MC -- but... Has anyone bought a dress shirt/buttondown from American Apparel in the past few months? The quality doesn't look terrible -- fabric doesn't blow me away, however -- but I'm wondering if it's worth picking up a few for work/under sweaters. I tried on AA's first attempt at men's shirting a few years ago and hated the feel of the cloth, but the newer ones look like a step...
One thing with APC that doesn't apply to most denim makers is that APC is a full-on design house, with all the baggage that comes with it. Normal price increases aside ($10 doesn't strike me as anything out of the ordinary), I suspect the denim is subsidizing a lot of the company. They did a brilliant job with the jeans and are reaping the rewards. If the price gets too high consumers will vote with their feet.
^^APC fit: They look fine, but how do they feel when you sit/move etc.? I suspect you think the top block is a little tight. Bottom line is denim should be comfortable, and after 4 months I suspect you're not going to get more stretch.
Quote: Originally Posted by thewho13 Why do people tend to knock Nudies a lot lately? I suspect it's the fact that they're now sort of "mainstream." Plus they're Swedish, not Japanese or U.S., and they have a lot of other washes besides raw. Sort of unfair, because Japanese brands like Studio D'Artisan have lots of predistressed washes, too. And to my taste, the pocket stitching is a bit gaudy. Having said that, the Grim Tim is a great fit...
Quote: Originally Posted by kwoyeu This band jacket... Should I buy it? It's marked down from $1692 to $676 now. The link has more detailed info. Not without trying it on. That's a super short jacket, like 3-4"
Quote: Originally Posted by areyounoob Hi, I've been thinking long and hard about my everyday shoe that i'll be purchasing. I want the shoes to be -Leather(like red wings) -Able to be worn to semi-formal parties but still casual enough to be worn everyday. -Works well with beeswax; i'm a leather noob. I got about $110 to spend on the sneakers. Yeah, i know. Brown Blundstones; buy em direct from Australia for $110 or less on ebay....
I generally hate American Apparel, except for their gray 90/10 T-shirts. But yesterday I saw they have some cotton duck work pants for $75. Tried 'em on, nice slim fit and will probably wear nicely. But worried about stretch or shrinkage, and the 17-year-old sales girl had no clue. Any experience? I'd size down 1 if they stretch. I'd just do a cold water gentle wash/hang dry. TIA
Since you're asking...good quality flannels in classic tartans are never "out" -- they wax and wane in popularity -- but next year I think brighter colored and "exploded" plaids won't be as popular. Ginghams have some life left in 'em, I think. I plan on buying one or two this spring.
Quote: Originally Posted by mystillwater pretty picky for $10 jeans. Not when I have to walk around with no top button
Quote: Originally Posted by drink8648 Egg Head Peter, If you carefully examine the esthetic's of Daiki's designs, they are classic by nature with a defined point of view towards function and style. I know that a lot of you are wearing his stuff with skinny, low rise jeans and trousers and that will only exacerbate the discomfort you will experience with the gusset position. I'm not trying to defend him nor validate our offering of his product but...
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