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Thanks for the review. I'm really impressed by the leather quality. I wore the llb bluchers and camp mocs more than 20 years ago -- when they were handsewn in Maine and still sold for about $60. The leather wasn't all that thick back then, either! I think llb made a major mistake by offshoring all their shoes, save the bean boots. They could own that market today.
Interesting comparison. I've found that Levi's quality is actually better than it needs to be, given the price point. One thing I didn't see was any evidence of blown seams -- Levi's use really good thread. So what it seems to come down to is fabric quality. I'd argue that quality is just as important and noticeable in suiting, but in a different way. A quality suit will hold its shape much longer than a cheap one, fabric and stitching aside.
Those were my go-to work pants last f/w -- wore 2x/week from Oct-June. Odd that you hot-soaked them -- how much do you think they shrunk. I ask b/c the SA at the store didn't seem to think they'd shrink much and suggested I go tts. I lost about a half-inch in waist/length with cold wash, but they stretched back out right away.The only nit I can pick is that the canvas backing shrunk more than the pants fabric, resulting in some peaching around the waist/pockets. Ironing...
I have a pair of the painter paints in wool -- as you might suspect they're really comfortable but just this far away || from baggy. I've always liked preferred slimmer fit pants but they look good with brown boots and a white oxford. I've tried on the USN pants twice and could never pull the trigger -- I felt a little like I was at a rave in Manchester in 1991.The desert pant, I believe, is the slimmest fit -- and I'd call it a straight fit. Slim/skinny isjust not Daiki's...
And vulgarity shouldn't be confused with wit. Especially from a 50-year-old man. I'm sort of disappointed that "f***k off" is the best he can come up with. iMO he had a moment to make an impact but he's blowing it. I sincerely hope his WWM collection sells b/c I think it's great.
Too true!
In NYC I mostly see guys in their 30s and up wearing it. It's not really a "hipster" brand -- and that's a good thing. Hipster is not a compliment in New York.
True, there's a lot of EG out there (and you think you're over-exposed -- i work around the corner from Nepenthes!), but their distribution is calculated to really spread the brand pretty thin. Nepenthes does get all the exotic stuff, but they sometimes don't get the basics that places like Context and Drinkwater's stock (and they stock what they know will sell, as they should).By "exclusive" I sort of meant to say that EG still maintains an insiders' feel.Of course,...
Nah, then everyone would wear EG and I'd have to move on....seriously, part of being a niche/exclusive/whatever brand is keeping consumers on the hunt and keeping the flame of desire fully stoked.
@KG Messier: I am not sure the cuffs on the rivet chinos work with such formal shoes. Just a nit -- as usual a well-done fit.
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