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check your pm's. I'm interested. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by tv2177 seriously? jcrew just raised their price on stanton pants from $69 -> $75. Thanks in part to unrest in Egypt the price of cotton has shot up.
Eh, don't let the haters get you down. Get your hustle on and move here! You can find a decent room around Columbia U. on the Upper West Side for $6-800 a month, esp. around end of semesters. If I were you I'd target early summer for arrival...lots of summer spaces open up on short notice, plus summer jobs/temp work picks up. Cost of living is whatever you want it to be, esp. if you know how to cook. There's a ton of free fun stuff all summer long -- concerts, film,...
Flatbillers FTW!
Luckily there aren't any logs to split nearby. These guys would lay some serious hurt on them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fycus smh thats ridiculous , I feel like a lot of the pieces I buy that are high maintenance end up getting ruined if I am forced to wash them do to a stain or something. I hear you. The cold, short, gentle cycle is your friend. I also put my loose-weave shirts in my wife's lingerie mesh bags (good for them to hang out with a bra and other naughty bits once in a while...). That way there's nearly no chance of...
Quote: Originally Posted by himself do you remember the price? $50 or $75. They were dirt cheap. I don't love the Bedford in blue. It looks a little bit like one of those French lab coat thingies that Bill Cunningham wears. Edit: Look for a lot of EG in B&S in the next few weeks...
Quote: Originally Posted by thats.mana +1 Looking for andover or bedford in M, navy or black whateva. There were a half-dozen blue bedfords in M when I was there an hour ago.
Scored M flannel workshirt in gray plaid at sample sale and a pair of gray flannel military pants in 32 -- $80 total. Great deals for women; men's stuff was mostly drab coats/pants, those weird hoodies, a TON of vests, and a rack of hideous (IMO, sorry) Needles stuff. As usual, big guys have best selection -- lots of women scooping up the XS and S men's stuff. However, there's more stock being added all the time -- and for a good cause. Still a few hours left.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo They've gone off the deep end with their pricing. Jesus, $175 for raw's? Why not just buy the $100 shrink to fits and get the same thing? I think it depends on the value you place on "Made in America." My slightly cynical take on these is there's a LOT of profit built into this model. The optimist in me says maybe if these sell well they'll reopen one of their mothballed U.S. plants, like San Antonio.
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