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Does any retailer sell the tan suede Maliseet with a red camp sole? Sorry if this is a simple question, hard to keep track of who is selling what...alternatively, seems like it could be a custom option. (Edit: If not Quoddy, does anyone else sell a tan suede blucher moc with red camp sole...) Thanks in advance, Peter
Does anyone make these in tan suede with a red camp sole? (Possibly Quoddy Maliseet, but without the scalloped edges around the foot opening) I'd prefer MiUSA handsewn. I also like the profile of the Eastland Made in Maine/Oak St./Epaulet. http://www.eastlandshoe.com/M37/getstyle/M/25/0/7800 Thanks in advance
So...you'd cuff them to show the selvedge line? Hmmm...I wear a lot of cutoffs -- mostly khakis/fatigues just cuz i'm cheap, and the appeal of cutoffs to me is the IDGAF-ness. Cuffing shorts seems to run against that. Jean shorts can be OK the most casual of situations provided they're not too tight...YMMV, of course. Edit: Now see your WAWT photo: That actually looks like something someone would buy. Very tidily done.
Quote: Originally Posted by aizan go to a tailor that specializes in denim. i got the seat taken in (de-anti-fitted) and legs slightly narrowed (and tapered below the knee) at denim revival for $50. So you made them into 511's. Seriously, Levi's needs to make a STF in 514 and 511 cuts. The 501 is a classic but you either need to have a tiny waist or sturdy legs to make them look good. 511 is nearly a perfect fit for me if I go TTS. 514 is...
Quote: Originally Posted by MarineHillsTuff I'm comfortably a 36'' waist now. I have very broad shoulders from sports a few years ago, and still have a pretty massive chest at about 48''. I'm not "fat" .. Just a little bit of a gut. Which will go away by winter (working hard on that as well). I've thought a lot about this as well... I guess with that much more information, what do you think? 48" chest is going to eliminate a lot of brands...
I'm gonna say that you need to decide which you want to do first: Get yourself in shape or get new clothes. Because if you ditch your old gear and spend $$ on clothing, then lose weight or change your shape thru lifting, you're going to have to start from scratch again. Before you decide, know that a lot of fashion/style clothing cuts are based on physically fit or slender fit models. IMO a better investment than clothing or a personal shopper would be a personal...
^^Thanks, Bob. That's what I suspected, unfortunately. I agree that the double soles look better than the crepe ones. They'd probably make killer driving shoes, though. Too bad I don't have a car.
Birdwells are the standard but they're definitely anti-fit. The great thing about them is that they're pretty much customizable and you won't see yourself coming and going. I like the ones from Saturdays; not sure who makes them. Also Katin has made some shorter ones. I know that Quiksilver has reissued some of the 80s style nut-huggers, too. I surf so I can't comment on nonfunctional brands. I go for a 21" outseam length, but that's purely a function decision.
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Giorgio Armani (aka Collection aka Black Label), Armani Collezioni, Dolce&Gabbana (aka Black Label), D&G, Prada (aka Collection aka Black Label), Prada Linea Rossa are all big Italian brands with Italian production (mostly, you'll find that nearly all labels have pieces from China/developing nations these days) I have a problem with switching to cheaper production while increasing retail. I'm sure some of it has to...
Quote: Originally Posted by b-ewing Anyone have experience with the Epaulet chinos? I'm between a 33 and a 34. Can't decide which to go for. Anyone selling Well, they're great -- definitely a slim fit that's more appropriate for an office environment IMO. I'm going for the 12oz next fall if they're stocked. As for sizing, I would say go for the smaller of the two. But why not just order both and return the one that doesn't fit?
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