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Thanks from a fellow Phi Psi! (Virginia Alpha...pretty long time ago...)I think I'll go with better fit...the $150 difference is pretty major but if, say, the Alden's don't fit quite so well, that's money not well spent, and the converse, of course! And good to know about the MTO program.
Sorry for excavating an old thread -- but this is my dilemma right now. I'd like a pair of longwings, but I'm dithering between a pair of AE MacNeils -- can get for anywhere from $250 to $365 (for the AE x Freemans pebble grain) vs. Alden LWB's, which start at around $, really, what is the qualitative difference? The argument higher up in the thread (Alden medallion and wing are higher on the vamp) is more of a style preference, I think -- but is there something...
I think it depends on the sole -- Vibram or camp sole should be the same, as the soles aren't made specially for Quoddy. My Brannock size is a 9.5 C or D, and I wear 9.5 in Quoddy camp sole mocs. If you want to wear with thick socks, I'd go up a half size. FWIW I have high arches and low volume feet. Sizing down might work with a leather sole, esp. if you are going to primarily wear them sockless and the leather will stretch a bit.
When you say "dry cleaners," I assume they washed them in water/soap, and didn't actually "dry" clean them, correct? As for restretching raw denim, yes, but it's definitely painful at first. APC denim is sanforized, I'm pretty certain, so you'll be able to do it.Edit: I guess sanforizing technically minimizes shrinkage, not prevents it totally. But you'll be OK.OTOH, if they're unhemmed and a size 31, I'll take them off your hands for 50 cents on the dollar:)
You can fix that by turning the legs inside out and ironing the seam tape while gently pulling the leg straight.(I've brought this up before but I wouldn't be sad to see the tape disappear in favor of felled seams throughout, or at least felled outseams. But the the rivet chino fit on me is effin' perfect...)
Not sure what you could take away from comparing Timotune/Aether, except that Aether's fit isn't worth posting mostly because you can't see squat -- and the little I can see just looks like something a Circuit City SA would wear. Possibly it's better than that? Timotune looks fine -- but I think a layman would wonder why he's wearing cargo pants with "dress" shoes and a "fancy" sportscoat/pocket square. (I assume those are Epaulet rivet cargo chinos).
I think a better musical comparison would be classical (MC) vs (jazz -- all kinds). Sometime in the 16th or 17th century music (wasn't called classical then, of course - just music) evolved a set of rules - state the theme, then variations on the theme - return to the theme etc. That allowed almost anyone with musical talent and training to write, for instance, a minuet or sonata.But of course there are geniuses -- Bach, Handel, Mozart etc -- and near geniuses -- Haydn,...
It's a great look, and two thumbs up on the hem. Much better than the double roll IMO.But, TBH, the collar area of the shirt does not fit your physique. It's cut "high" for lack of a better term, and you have a pretty muscular chest/shoulder -- so with two buttons open it spreads apart and flops open, exposing the back of the placket. It's especially noticeable with a print vs. a solid or woven pattern. I wonder if you did up one more button how it would look.
Cool -- maybe early "or Slow" brand? -- now they say "Orslow Denim Products" on the buttons. Edit: you may have sussed it out. The crotch tape is a nice detail. GLWS
Up for sale is a pair of J. Crew charcoal wool Bowery pants, size 32/32. I bought these new last year and wore them about 20 times, dry cleaned once or twice. They are in very good condition -- only worn for office work. There is a tiny (practically unnoticeable) imperfect stitch near the fly (see pic, if you can) that I'm mentioning in the interest of full disclosure. I've lost a little weight and these are too loose on me. They are the classic fit, with an 8.25" hem --...
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