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Well, everything fits perfectly, the shoes have "pop" but aren't garish and the color/tone are spot on.You also have to mind-surf a little bit and realize that fits look MUCH better IRL. It's sort of counterintuitive, but even some fits that get mocked here are going to look great on the street. Here's an exercise: walk down any busy street and count how many people (men and women) even wear clothes that fit, let alone are stylish. I live in New York, and even here I'd say...
the field vest is awesome. I may have to suck it up and buy...not sure the brand will be around much longer though...they've scaled back and i can't see them selling a lot of $700 cotton jackets. If I'm paying that much I want wool.edit: Sorry, $600 jackets. But it's still a lot.
Aren't they Waffle Racers? I think they've been reissued in the past year or two.
That's a tough one...if you have pale skin, I'd say blue. My personal go-to is white but I have all three -- looks super crisp in summer, works with every blazer/sweater//tie combo. Stripe is my 3rd option -- a little less versatile.
Is anyone in the US still carrying Stevenson Overalls? Self Edge used to, but now it looks like a Japan-only brand. TIA...
I believe it also comes in olive woven cotton (possibly sateen?) and navy wool. I have it in the gray herringbone from last year, sized up one for layering.
Bump for great fall/winter trousers. These are a steal at the price -- I'd buy another pair if they were 33s...mine fit pretty much tts -- maybe you could size down one.
^^NYR, brown belt and black shoes don't work in this case. Brown shoes or boots are the call here, I think. What's the shirt? Looks great otherwise.
I think it's accurate to say, at least for me, that LEC fit is much better, fabric quality is equal; i have an LEC shirt that fits like BoO (well, almost).but LEC is considerably cheaper given that you can find 30% off codes every week for Lands End.BUT...LEC is more grandpa/suburban dad styling imo.
I'd say a B, B-. I was expecting better design, frankly. I have the updated chamois shirt, waxed duck boots and black suede chukkas. All basics that llbs tweaked a little, for the better.But I haven't been remotely tempted by woven shirts or trousers -- all the colors look so dull.I guess what I was expecting was more of a WWM lite. I still think llb could kill it if they made more things in the US and trumpeted that fact.
New Posts  All Forums: