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^^NYR, brown belt and black shoes don't work in this case. Brown shoes or boots are the call here, I think. What's the shirt? Looks great otherwise.
I think it's accurate to say, at least for me, that LEC fit is much better, fabric quality is equal; i have an LEC shirt that fits like BoO (well, almost).but LEC is considerably cheaper given that you can find 30% off codes every week for Lands End.BUT...LEC is more grandpa/suburban dad styling imo.
I'd say a B, B-. I was expecting better design, frankly. I have the updated chamois shirt, waxed duck boots and black suede chukkas. All basics that llbs tweaked a little, for the better.But I haven't been remotely tempted by woven shirts or trousers -- all the colors look so dull.I guess what I was expecting was more of a WWM lite. I still think llb could kill it if they made more things in the US and trumpeted that fact.
Thelonious Monkstrap?
Just picked up a South 2 West 8 field bag for my wife's birthday. Nice price -- $140 -- and made in USA. Plus it's that groovy mustardy color. The leather trim is really thick -- the fabric is canvas, rather than nailhead or what we would think of as duck. All the S2W8 bags look to be good buys. I'd love to see a full-size duffle like the ones LLBean used to sell (and which I have squirrelled away 2)
Senor Messier, I hardly ever weigh in here since I don't post on waywt, but I think you should size up on your trousers. take a look at this fit and your Epaulet one of a couple of days ago. They pull in the top block and don't hang from your hips correctly. It also makes the hips flare a bit.
Those gray sneaks look great, as do the Ts and fleece blazer. I haven't been blown away by W&H's workwear -- seems pricey and a little me-tooish. I could see that blazer killing it with faded denim.
I can't speak to this year's model, but last year's desert pants had a pretty small top block (others have confirmed this). Sounds like that's what you're looking for. Why not find a stockist that allows refunds and try a pair? (assuming you can't go to brick and mortar store).Edit: I understand what you say about wide hems. But EG isn't built around that aesthetic. I'm actually reconsidering my love for tapered and moving toward straight/stovepipe legs.
Last year a confluence of things convinced me to switch to "buy less, but better," not the least of which was discovering Epaulet and this site at nearly the same time... I will spend about $300 a month on clothes this year (wife and i make a yearly budget), but how I do so hasn't yet been determined. last year I bought a suit and loaded up on work shirts and casual pants; this year I think it's going to be 2 pairs of nice shoes/wool coat/denim. In the past I've spent a...
thanks for translating the article. Some nice insight into what "makes" an EG garment. I agree -- as someone who wears EG to work in a business casual to MC workplace -- that maybe EG should do larger runs of the basics. But I also wouldn't want to see some of the odder stuff go away, even if I couldn't wear it. Call it a halo effect or whatever.
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