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Quote: Originally Posted by Teger uh i know you are all bonering out over julius, but air jordans probably represent better design than anything you or i wear (unless those things are air jordans) "Better" or "more appealing to the masses?"
All I would say about the the JCrew shopping "experience" that the OP had is that it's certainly no more uncomfortable than walking into a place like Hollander and Lexer or Nepenthes and getting the stinkeye from the "salesman" because you're not swagged out and dripping with trust fund money.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger very few options for tall guys with big necks shoulders but a narrow waste. boo has the perfect shoulder/chest/neck measurement, an awesome taper.. if only it was like a LITTLE longer. epaulet is good. so is H&M for dress shirts. Have you tried BB extra slim fit? Tails are longer b/c they're made to be tucked. Some of the styles are a little dowdy, but for a basic OCBD can't be beat for the end of year sale...
Quote: Originally Posted by grit This is a good point. Does anyone know of a tailoring solution to mitigate the flare? Or are quarter-top pockets really the only way to go? I can't think of one. The other problem with side seam pockets is that stuff can fall out more easily. There is a reason that fine MC slacks are nearly universally quarter top. I don't have a lot of "rules" for clothing, but "no side-seam pockets" is one that I won't...
The loose pants are interesting. I wonder if others will tilt toward stovepipe legs.
I think the fit pic on the Baron Wells chinos (as well as the Unises) shows why quarter-top pockets work better than side seam ones -- you always have some sort of flare, and it only gets worse as the pocket fabric stretches from repeatedly putting your hand in and taking it out. It's especially noticeable on slim fitting pants, in which you really want to have a clean line from waist to hem. I only buy quarter-top pants (like EP's) now.
So...here is the $150 question: Do the double soled mocs have any usefulness in the city? I can't really get a straight answer (though I did see a guy wearing them on 9th ave in Chelsea the other day.) I don't really want to buy a pair of glorified bedroom slippers that I can't wear outside. Would they just get permanently mucked up by walked around the subway stations?
check your pm's. I'm interested. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by tv2177 seriously? jcrew just raised their price on stanton pants from $69 -> $75. Thanks in part to unrest in Egypt the price of cotton has shot up.
Eh, don't let the haters get you down. Get your hustle on and move here! You can find a decent room around Columbia U. on the Upper West Side for $6-800 a month, esp. around end of semesters. If I were you I'd target early summer for arrival...lots of summer spaces open up on short notice, plus summer jobs/temp work picks up. Cost of living is whatever you want it to be, esp. if you know how to cook. There's a ton of free fun stuff all summer long -- concerts, film,...
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