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X-post from trading thread. Unusual wool painter pants. http://www.styleforum.net/t/452402/the-possibly-official-engineered-garments-trading-thread/645#post_8276295
I have an unusual pair of EG pants for trade. 100 percent wool drill painter pants in olive from 2009 or 2010, bought at sample sale/ Japan tsunami benefit in New York in 2011. They are half lined to the knee so very comfortable. Excellent for cold days, but I live in Paris now and haven't worn them for 3 years. In perfect condition. Other details: one hammer loop, rear patch pockets are half lined with canvas; canvas cotton waistband lining. Tagged 32, will fit 32-33...
Liking the Loiter jacket and the various Bakers, and fatigue shorts are always a winner. Don't see much crazy stuff except for a few of the adult onesies...
@ericleavitt Looks too big, since you asked. It appears the shoulders are about 3" down your arms. I love that parka but it would have to fit me a little better to keep.
^^That's a pretty good fit. Too often I see riders that are way too tight up top. You must really dislike the zippers.
I'd also suggest Trickers, Heschung and Alfred Sargent Country Collection. In addtion, some Alden makeups lean toward the "work" side of things.
A burnt orange cash scarf would complete this outfit. Maybe it's because I live in France, but when I see a wool SC I always expect to see one. Otherwise, excellent and most tradly.
Thanks for listening. Now about those gunmetal zips...
Gold! Size Up 1 for "Master of the Senate" fit.
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