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re 10-eyelet 2030: 10 eyelets is a lot of ... eyelets. If you only put the boots on once a day, then sure, but for me, I'd have to undo the top 3-4 eyelets to get them on and off. There's a reason many boots have speedhooks after 4-5 eyelets. Just my .02.
Bumping for cold weather...
That's true -- France is a deeply conservative country in a lot of ways, at least in public.
Yup. Sandwichs (no "e") are OK provided they're classic jambon/fromage/beurre.Would delete gyros/kebab and coffee from that list, actually. I slug my morning coffee on the metro from a thermos mug and get dirty looks every day.
As a (transplanted) Parisian, I'd say you can recognize the city's style pretty easily: For old guys, it's one or two piece that are totally incongruent, but they're worn with an IDGAF attitude so it works. Like a bright red scarf with a business suit, or a crazy overcoat and green shoes. For middle-aged conservative guys, it's stuff that's really well tailored and completely coordinated. Very sleek. For middle-aged "artistic" types, it's a variation on Mick Jagger circa...
X-post from trading thread. Unusual wool painter pants. http://www.styleforum.net/t/452402/the-possibly-official-engineered-garments-trading-thread/645#post_8276295
I have an unusual pair of EG pants for trade. 100 percent wool drill painter pants in olive from 2009 or 2010, bought at sample sale/ Japan tsunami benefit in New York in 2011. They are half lined to the knee so very comfortable. Excellent for cold days, but I live in Paris now and haven't worn them for 3 years. In perfect condition. Other details: one hammer loop, rear patch pockets are half lined with canvas; canvas cotton waistband lining. Tagged 32, will fit 32-33...
Liking the Loiter jacket and the various Bakers, and fatigue shorts are always a winner. Don't see much crazy stuff except for a few of the adult onesies...
@ericleavitt Looks too big, since you asked. It appears the shoulders are about 3" down your arms. I love that parka but it would have to fit me a little better to keep.
^^That's a pretty good fit. Too often I see riders that are way too tight up top. You must really dislike the zippers.
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