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Two options, in my experience: cool soak with something like woolite dark flat in a tub -- then hang dry. This will produce minimal fading and avoid any chance of lighter vertical fades, which can happen in a machine. The other way is to do as notwithit suggested and wash inside out in machine on gentle/cold, then hang dry.I've had best results with soaks (can use cool or lukewarm water, would advise against hot, agitate by hand a bit) if the jeans are just dirty from...
New Cure is still around but perhaps only mail order. Never heard of "low standard" before but it appears to exist, though what it actually IS is hard to tell. If there's one hole in the APC line up it's a PS with a mid or higher rise, IMO.
Something odd with PS vs PNS. I could barely get into PNS 32s but PS 32 was comfy right off the bat. The SA at the store told me that PS are roomier, even if the rise is smidge lower.
Cool -- that's a good deal. Reminds me of the 550 dad fit jeans. Not in a bad way -- I see a lot of guys/girls here in Paris with that fit this spring. (Hi rise/taper)
@aeglus The face that sold a thousand ToJs... Seriously, if you're still in Seoul, you know what to do.
Why no back gussets on the moto? Just asking.
Those are 972 euros on the cm french web store. That's insane.
Wait, what?why was that not posted here, came out in December. Still, nothing we don't already know.
Beams plus x LL Bean. Brilliant:
Like any brand, if it fit you, great. For a slim, athletic build, the pants were spot on. I thought the shirts were well made and had nice fabric, but the collars were stingy and the waist was a little blousy. But everything was dirt cheap -- IMO most of the best part of Canvas has migrated to the main line "tailored fit." NB: LE is definitely plebe level clothing, (in reference to style/trendiness) mostly suitable for bizcash offices. But that's what I work in...if you...
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