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I'll reluctantly be the skunk at the garden party.Apologies if I missed this, but I only see this disclosure on the PTO web site, at the bottom of the article. I don't see it up in the Styleforum article. To me -- 20 years as a journalist -- this is indeed a "promotional article."It's intended to let people know about a shop for which PTO has traded services for goods. SOP in the blog and magazine worlds.At any rate, good luck to Raul -- love to see crafts passed along,...
Thanks. Were any shoes on sale?BTW last year EG shirts went on 50% off sale a little later. Work shirts were $85-90 IIRC.
Well, definitely try them first. I've found that EG wool pants/shirts are a little looser. If the olive sateen desert pants reappear next season I'm going to jump on a 33 early or give the 32s another shot -- it's a great look.
I won't quote the whole post, but this is spot on. Buy good quality clothes that fit and that are made in a responsible manner. Everything else is false economy. And find a good thrift store -- last week I bought a NOS BBBF short sleeve oxford for $30 and a pair of LLBean Thinsulate/Goretex pull-on boots for the same price. The same store had about 10 BBBF NOS oxfords -- most were size 4 and 1, but proof that the good stuff is out there for the taking.Specific recs. for...
Last season's cotton desert pants were TTS, or maybe even size up one. (I wanted the reversed olive sateen and couldnt make 32w work, even though a 32 in painter pants/fatigues is a bit loose. 33s were sold out) The top block was kinda skimpy for me. YMMV, of course. Wool may be a bit looser, too.
Dunno -- would the $50-100 for a monthly gym membership be better spent at your tailor's, tweaking what you own or buy to fit your body? I'd suspect that unless you're going for a massive lifestyle change, the answer is the latter.
Yes, it is a compliment. If you're a straight man, being cruised by a gay man = being checked out by a girl at a bar.The latent and blatant homophobia on this site is really weird -- SF is about obsessing about the way you dress and look, which are traditionally "gay" things to worry about...IMO it's because a lot of posters are really young and live in the suburbs/small towns etc. Once you get a little older and take on the responsibilities of adulthood, like holding a...
This. No scent, no residue, economical (a dab about the size of a pea will do face/neck). I have used only 2 cleaners for the past 15 years -- dr. bronners for body and kiehl's for face. I spend my money/time on fancy shave soaps and brushes. http://www.kiehls.com/Foaming-Non-Detergent-Washable-Cleanser/279,default,pd.html?start=13&cgid=face-cleansers-scrubs
Steven Alan has Chesterfield coats online for, I think about $300, in all sizes
I wear size 10 shoes and like anywhere from 7.5 to 8.5, depending on the cut of the pants. I've got some EG pants that are 8.5, nice comfy loose fit but they look better with boots that have a little longer, sleeker profile. Jeans I prefer 8" and under, though I draw the line at a Levis 511 cut. I like a little stack and skinny jeans stack oddly IMO. Somewhere I read a good rule of thump for dress shoes is to aim for about 5" of shoe exposed when you extend the crease --...
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