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Skinny, because I only wear ties when I go out -- to me a skinny (more like narrow) tie and coat with slender lapels is more "going out on the town" than a traditional width tie/lapel combo. For about 10 years I wore trad width ties from BB and Talbott almost exclusively to work. One day in the mid-90s, the big boss looked over her glasses at me in a meeting (I was almost certainly wearing charcoal wool slacks, a white OCBD and a Talbott repp tie -- hey, got to have a...
Hee - hee. Just saw this thread. Has the OP made the 4th button yet? I have a pair of N-02's. No way are they going to stretch anything like APC. It's unsanforized 16oz denim. (As an aside, mine are coming along nicely -- the fabric is thick and tough, but with a soft hand almost like moleskin. But you definitely want these to fit well out of the box -- I've soaked once and washed once, both in cold, and both times the waist shrank like a MF. Stretched back to original...
Ditto. But I'm thinking I may take the plunge on SS12 fatigues. I can see myself wearing them untucked and rolled with mocs or canvas sneakers this summer. I have a pair of EG painter pants from 09 or 10 that fit similarly and have learned to embrace the drape...I also think olive reversed sateen is just a great fabric. I'm still waiting for EG to reissue the desert pants in that.
The Filson looks more "businesslike," IMO. The Yukenten bag -- if it's the one you're talking about -- is a little more casual. That Filson is a beaut. I'd go with that. Plus, it has a lock, which you may not use regularly but is nice to have. I used to have a similarly styled bag that I got in Europe (no brand -- you used to be able to find them all over the place for about $150) and loved the dimensions. Unfortunately it was stolen out of my car.
Shirt collar question: I usually wear BB button downs with sport coats with "traditional" lapels - not too wide, not too narrow. In other words, something that anyone can pull off... As an experiment to see if I like a narrower look, I bought a J.Crew Ludlow jacket with narrow lapels, (2.5 inches) and a narrow tie, but of course my BB button down collars are too large (they look a little like mushrooms around my neck...). What is the best collar to wear with narrow...
if they were 17" in the waist I'd buy them from you -- at a "finders discount" of course! Good luck with the sale.
Thanks from a fellow Phi Psi! (Virginia Alpha...pretty long time ago...)I think I'll go with better fit...the $150 difference is pretty major but if, say, the Alden's don't fit quite so well, that's money not well spent, and the converse, of course! And good to know about the MTO program.
Sorry for excavating an old thread -- but this is my dilemma right now. I'd like a pair of longwings, but I'm dithering between a pair of AE MacNeils -- can get for anywhere from $250 to $365 (for the AE x Freemans pebble grain) vs. Alden LWB's, which start at around $515...so, really, what is the qualitative difference? The argument higher up in the thread (Alden medallion and wing are higher on the vamp) is more of a style preference, I think -- but is there something...
I think it depends on the sole -- Vibram or camp sole should be the same, as the soles aren't made specially for Quoddy. My Brannock size is a 9.5 C or D, and I wear 9.5 in Quoddy camp sole mocs. If you want to wear with thick socks, I'd go up a half size. FWIW I have high arches and low volume feet. Sizing down might work with a leather sole, esp. if you are going to primarily wear them sockless and the leather will stretch a bit.
When you say "dry cleaners," I assume they washed them in water/soap, and didn't actually "dry" clean them, correct? As for restretching raw denim, yes, but it's definitely painful at first. APC denim is sanforized, I'm pretty certain, so you'll be able to do it.Edit: I guess sanforizing technically minimizes shrinkage, not prevents it totally. But you'll be OK.OTOH, if they're unhemmed and a size 31, I'll take them off your hands for 50 cents on the dollar:)
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