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I have a pair of the painter paints in wool -- as you might suspect they're really comfortable but just this far away || from baggy. I've always liked preferred slimmer fit pants but they look good with brown boots and a white oxford. I've tried on the USN pants twice and could never pull the trigger -- I felt a little like I was at a rave in Manchester in 1991.The desert pant, I believe, is the slimmest fit -- and I'd call it a straight fit. Slim/skinny isjust not Daiki's...
And vulgarity shouldn't be confused with wit. Especially from a 50-year-old man. I'm sort of disappointed that "f***k off" is the best he can come up with. iMO he had a moment to make an impact but he's blowing it. I sincerely hope his WWM collection sells b/c I think it's great.
Too true!
In NYC I mostly see guys in their 30s and up wearing it. It's not really a "hipster" brand -- and that's a good thing. Hipster is not a compliment in New York.
True, there's a lot of EG out there (and you think you're over-exposed -- i work around the corner from Nepenthes!), but their distribution is calculated to really spread the brand pretty thin. Nepenthes does get all the exotic stuff, but they sometimes don't get the basics that places like Context and Drinkwater's stock (and they stock what they know will sell, as they should).By "exclusive" I sort of meant to say that EG still maintains an insiders' feel.Of course,...
Nah, then everyone would wear EG and I'd have to move on....seriously, part of being a niche/exclusive/whatever brand is keeping consumers on the hunt and keeping the flame of desire fully stoked.
@KG Messier: I am not sure the cuffs on the rivet chinos work with such formal shoes. Just a nit -- as usual a well-done fit.
Cotton duck pants are on my list. I may give the desert pants another try this year, too, in navy. I like this collection better than S/S, I have to say. I'm not onboard with the drastically cropped outerwear/hood or the down whatchamacallit. Looks too much like a flak jacket.
I've gotten so used to the feel of a watch that my wrist feels naked when I don't wear one. I've always liked vintage watches, especially if there's some sort of story behind them. My Seamaster was given to an uncle as a HS grad present in the early 60s, my Rolex Oyster Perpetual was my late father's, I bought my wife a NOS Hamilton milspec to replace one owned by her late father... But yeah, a cellphone keeps better time, obvs... The other great thing about...
Quote: Originally Posted by flyguy7 Probably a 2, though it would be helpful if you listed some specific brands that you're a small in. If you're referring to j.crew or similar lines then you could probably pull off a 3. If you're talking about more fitted stuff like gitman vintage, probably a 2. Going to NYC this weekend. Gonna' be pretty busy for the most part but definitely going to get some shopping in. Other than Barneys what are some...
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