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Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Is there anything worth buying? IMO, the lightweight chamois shirt and the new henleys. But I wouldn't call them either fashionable or stylish... Overall the S/S line is a disappointment. The colors are pretty depressing...too much muted plaids. I'd like to see a lightweight slim fit chino made out of the old 65/35 fabric LLB used to use on their basic chinos, the ones with the wide belt loops.
IMO double cuffs on an adult looks juvenile (after all, the reason those old pics show kids with big/double cuffs is so they can "grow into them."). I'm OK with small single cuffs IF the shoe warrants it. (heel heights/shoe volume vary so jeans that fit with, say, boat shoes are gonna bunch up around heavy boots). Shorter people should follow the MC rule: cuffs visibly shorten your legs. That is all. I'll make an exception for people into rockabilly and other...
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou I managed to find a herringbone CPO in M, which I was happy about. The sale wasn't that great, though... I had the navy whipcord version in S, which I sold because it was too small on me. I could get the herringbone CPO ins XS if anyone is interested... I have lived in that shirt this winter. You won't regret it.
Quote: Originally Posted by sexonfabric Is that the EG FW10 desert pant? I could not get them to fit me. 32=crushed nuts; 34=loose in the lower leg. AFAIK there were no 33s made. Great fabric and color but the top block was made for small guys.
Quote: Originally Posted by Logan I just bought a pair of 505's for $75 from a Levi store. Why does Brooks Brothers charge double that? Its my understanding that the BB makeups (501, 505) use heavier denim (tho not selvedge) and add a brown on brown leather patch. There's also a "special wash." Is that worth a 100% premium? I will say the BB makeups just look like they're stitched together better -- maybe a little more QC? I also suspect...
Quote: Originally Posted by Russ24 Hows the sizing on the Chippewas? My chucks are 8.5, I hear chips run big. Think ill be alright with an 8? Run half size big. You should be fine.
Quote: Originally Posted by bl@ster Levi's sells selvedge 514's all the time. Not STF, though. True, they briefly put them out last winter. My bad. But I still think they could sell truckloads of USA-made 501 STF selvedge...and since so many people dig the 514 fit, do that in stf, too...
Quote: Originally Posted by Johdus Fanfoozal Christmas has come early young weed hopper. http://www.google.com/search?q=levis...iw=904&bih=421 Don't know what THOSE are...certainly not on Levi's official site. Can anyone authenticate?
I used to only wear 501 stf's as my beater jeans, but then Levis came out with the 514. So much better. If they made an stf 514 I'd buy it in a heartbeat. If they made a selvedge stf 514 I'd buy 3 pairs. As for "cool," eh, depends how you wear 'em, and your body type. The long rise doesn't work on me. and makes my legs look short. You can get good fades/evo with the stf's. [rant]Levi's should OWN the midrange denim market in the US (Say, $100-$200). They have the...
Quote: Originally Posted by blynch I size up one from my urban slim size, fit is similar probably slightly slimmer in thighs and lower rise on eps. Second that. I'm a 32 in JCrew (and if they continue their vanity sizing trend, will be a 31 by next year), but take a 33 in EP's.
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