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I'm gonna say that you need to decide which you want to do first: Get yourself in shape or get new clothes. Because if you ditch your old gear and spend $$ on clothing, then lose weight or change your shape thru lifting, you're going to have to start from scratch again. Before you decide, know that a lot of fashion/style clothing cuts are based on physically fit or slender fit models. IMO a better investment than clothing or a personal shopper would be a personal...
^^Thanks, Bob. That's what I suspected, unfortunately. I agree that the double soles look better than the crepe ones. They'd probably make killer driving shoes, though. Too bad I don't have a car.
Birdwells are the standard but they're definitely anti-fit. The great thing about them is that they're pretty much customizable and you won't see yourself coming and going. I like the ones from Saturdays; not sure who makes them. Also Katin has made some shorter ones. I know that Quiksilver has reissued some of the 80s style nut-huggers, too. I surf so I can't comment on nonfunctional brands. I go for a 21" outseam length, but that's purely a function decision.
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Giorgio Armani (aka Collection aka Black Label), Armani Collezioni, Dolce&Gabbana (aka Black Label), D&G, Prada (aka Collection aka Black Label), Prada Linea Rossa are all big Italian brands with Italian production (mostly, you'll find that nearly all labels have pieces from China/developing nations these days) I have a problem with switching to cheaper production while increasing retail. I'm sure some of it has to...
Quote: Originally Posted by b-ewing Anyone have experience with the Epaulet chinos? I'm between a 33 and a 34. Can't decide which to go for. Anyone selling Well, they're great -- definitely a slim fit that's more appropriate for an office environment IMO. I'm going for the 12oz next fall if they're stocked. As for sizing, I would say go for the smaller of the two. But why not just order both and return the one that doesn't fit?
Quote: Originally Posted by reedobandito Bananagrabber, your avatar/name are hilarious. Arrested is, hands down, the best comedy of all time. I've been strongly considering kopping Saturday Surf's slim chinos, they look really quality and are at a reasonable price point: http://www.saturdaysnyc.com/item/dora-chino-pant Anyone have any experience? Saw them, but I think -- for my $$ -- I'll spend another $20-30 and get another pair of...
If you can get to a Muji, their boxer briefs are pretty great for $9.50 or so. Lo-pro waistband, button fly, soft n stretchy.
Not really an observation, but a suggestion: Took my wife to Jean Shop yesterday for new denim, and she wound up getting the men's Rocker, in size 27. They fit her perfectly and another lady was admiring them -- but when my wife told her they were men's, she made sort of an "ewww" face. I think a lot of women would go for raw denim if they'd try on the small men's sizes. A slim straight cut like the men's Rocker is pretty hard to find for women -- all the cuts are either...
Quote: Originally Posted by NAMOR i should have kept these. now i just have BB credit laying around and this would have been the perfect spring/summer shoe But no. You would have gnashed your teeth every time you saw the loose stitching and dye overrun. I'm of the opinion that when it comes to things you WANT rather than NEED, that you shouldn't compromise -- even if it means you have to save another $300.
Quote: Originally Posted by Magician no one cares about your khakis and button down Maybe not -- but there's value in seeing how these particular brands' take on the basics look and fit. (IMO white bucks + brown belt = bad. Light bucks work with a canvas/nylon/GTH belt, or no belt/socks at all. )
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