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Glad to hear it. I'd prefer gray or slate, but if the price is right I'm on it.
Reviving this thread to see if anyone has any other suggestions. I'd love the Mackintosh slim fit that Epaulet is selling -- but $995 is way, way out of my price range (thinking 150-300). http://www.epauletshop.com/servlet/the-1368/Epaulet-x-Mackintosh-Dowanhill/Detail I've found this, but would prefer gray or slate rather than navy: http://www.clubmonaco.com/product/index.jsp?productId=12473654&cp=12243591.12280933.12454393&ab=ln_men_apparel_outerwear Any other...
Please take this as the public service for which it is intended -- but if you take this to a knitting store that hole can be repaired rather inexpensively.
Replace the purple V-neck with a slim white oxford and hem the pants, and it's a winner. T-shirts and brogues = Not Good. They're still dress shoes.
That 30-inch inseam is odd. I don't believe the $178 MiUSA selvedge comes in 30, at least not listed on the Levi's site. Maybe it was an older release? A 30-inch inseam for unsanforized denim is insane, as entrero and Whodini pointed out. Hmmm...bootleg? I love a good denim mystery.
Yes, a pic would be helpful. But I think the easiest way -- assuming they're not vintage -- is to see where they were made. Levis has made selvage in 2 places recently - USA and Mexico. I found a pair of BNWOT hecho en Mexico 501s for $20 at a thrift sale a few months ago. I think they retailed at $98 whereas the MiUSA ones are $178.(If they're really vintage, and a size 32, I'll take them off your hands for %10 over what you paid...just trying to help here...)
I've had good luck with Woolite, heavily diluted, and a gentle sponge. I spilled chili (microwaved too much, reflexively dropped the bowl to avoid 3rd degree burns) on the calf/cuff of a pair of raws a few months ago. I soaked just the lower leg in a pail with lukewarm water and the Woolite and gently rubbed the stain. I didn't notice much if any indigo loss. I've used that a couple of times for spot cleaning, most recently on bicycle grease, and would recommend it.As to...
Are you sure they weren't cords? Levis 514 corduroy are 61/39. And they suck. I bought a pair last year and they wore thru in about 30 wears. Levi's mainline just pisses me off so much.
Skinny, because I only wear ties when I go out -- to me a skinny (more like narrow) tie and coat with slender lapels is more "going out on the town" than a traditional width tie/lapel combo. For about 10 years I wore trad width ties from BB and Talbott almost exclusively to work. One day in the mid-90s, the big boss looked over her glasses at me in a meeting (I was almost certainly wearing charcoal wool slacks, a white OCBD and a Talbott repp tie -- hey, got to have a...
Hee - hee. Just saw this thread. Has the OP made the 4th button yet? I have a pair of N-02's. No way are they going to stretch anything like APC. It's unsanforized 16oz denim. (As an aside, mine are coming along nicely -- the fabric is thick and tough, but with a soft hand almost like moleskin. But you definitely want these to fit well out of the box -- I've soaked once and washed once, both in cold, and both times the waist shrank like a MF. Stretched back to original...
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