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The poplin shirts have a really nice hand. The collars are a little stingy for me and I think they could be slimmer in the sleeves, but for the price you can't really complain. Definitely on par with JCrew's house brand shirts. I should pick up a couple more this summer.
Well I have a pair, in suede. What are you asking, specifically? Super comfortable, I'd go TTS or size down 1/2, esp. if you want to go sock less or use thin socks. I find this style to be most versatile -- little dressier than low mocs but not quite as dorky (IMO) as boat shoes or bluchers. (Maybe I should say, "more rugged" rather than less dorky...)
The evening fit would be perfect if jacket matched pants and if tie was smidgen wider. I don't have a lot of rules but you can't have same color suiting separate in different fabric. But I commend NYR, er, I, on nailing the fit. I'm not totally convinced that the morning tie works with the SC. I know he's a tie guy but I'd have gone with no tie and BD collar.
^^you'll live in them. I have the Quoddy version but with brick sole-it's a true three season shoe. I'd recommend invisible socks rather than sockless esp in summer.
I wouldn't go with starch on casual shirts. For "dress" shirts, I always go with light startch on broadcloth, poplin and Oxford cloth shirts, just so I could wear them more than once if I wanted to. I also launder my best shirts at home, and sometimes will use a dusting of spray starch on collars and cuffs. I'm not totally convinced that using starch will reduce the life of your shirts, at least not noticeably.
The quality is quite good, especially outerwear and sweaters. The only items I might be a little wary of are their suitings, if only because I think you could do better from a maker that specializes in suits. (I have only handled the suit separates in the store)Yes, APC is pricey at retail, esp. since a lot of it is now made in countries with low labor costs. However, that does not mean the quality is bad. I wouldn't necessarily call APC a "fashion" brand as I would OC --...
Briefly, there are a number of labels produced by nepenthes, the company, including eg, fwk, south2west8, needles, and now some clothes are being made under the nepenthes label. If you're in NYC definitely go to the nepenthes store on w 38th. It's a us/Japanese company, with most of the clothes being made in NYC. The s2w8 bags are made in Wisconsin. Daiki Suzuki is the head honcho.
I can't even begin to describe how much I love what Yuketen does -- my big complaint with Russell, Quoddy, Rancourt, OSB etc. is that they're basically making the same shoe/moc as one another. But Yuketen has really stretched out the USA Handsewn brand. Now I wish they were about 50% cheaper but that's the price for creativity, I guess. Ah well, someday...
Topy works great for me. Not sure what it costs in the US, but here in Paris it's 15 euros/pair. I think you want it to go all the way to the edge. It covers the forefoot not the arch, and comes in various colors. I don't notice a difference except that I'm not worried about falling on my ass when the sidewalks are wet.
The NYT tries to dissect Supreme, 10 years too late. I always thought Supreme was just pulling a big joke on its customers -- selling cheapo hoodies and hats with the logo for crazy prices and "limited" editions...still think that... but I really do think they've got the marketing master plan down. I'm always impressed with brands that manage to stay the course, even if I think their clothing is shite.
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