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Thelonious Monkstrap?
Just picked up a South 2 West 8 field bag for my wife's birthday. Nice price -- $140 -- and made in USA. Plus it's that groovy mustardy color. The leather trim is really thick -- the fabric is canvas, rather than nailhead or what we would think of as duck. All the S2W8 bags look to be good buys. I'd love to see a full-size duffle like the ones LLBean used to sell (and which I have squirrelled away 2)
Senor Messier, I hardly ever weigh in here since I don't post on waywt, but I think you should size up on your trousers. take a look at this fit and your Epaulet one of a couple of days ago. They pull in the top block and don't hang from your hips correctly. It also makes the hips flare a bit.
Those gray sneaks look great, as do the Ts and fleece blazer. I haven't been blown away by W&H's workwear -- seems pricey and a little me-tooish. I could see that blazer killing it with faded denim.
I can't speak to this year's model, but last year's desert pants had a pretty small top block (others have confirmed this). Sounds like that's what you're looking for. Why not find a stockist that allows refunds and try a pair? (assuming you can't go to brick and mortar store).Edit: I understand what you say about wide hems. But EG isn't built around that aesthetic. I'm actually reconsidering my love for tapered and moving toward straight/stovepipe legs.
Last year a confluence of things convinced me to switch to "buy less, but better," not the least of which was discovering Epaulet and this site at nearly the same time... I will spend about $300 a month on clothes this year (wife and i make a yearly budget), but how I do so hasn't yet been determined. last year I bought a suit and loaded up on work shirts and casual pants; this year I think it's going to be 2 pairs of nice shoes/wool coat/denim. In the past I've spent a...
thanks for translating the article. Some nice insight into what "makes" an EG garment. I agree -- as someone who wears EG to work in a business casual to MC workplace -- that maybe EG should do larger runs of the basics. But I also wouldn't want to see some of the odder stuff go away, even if I couldn't wear it. Call it a halo effect or whatever.
Thanks for the review. I'm really impressed by the leather quality. I wore the llb bluchers and camp mocs more than 20 years ago -- when they were handsewn in Maine and still sold for about $60. The leather wasn't all that thick back then, either! I think llb made a major mistake by offshoring all their shoes, save the bean boots. They could own that market today.
Interesting comparison. I've found that Levi's quality is actually better than it needs to be, given the price point. One thing I didn't see was any evidence of blown seams -- Levi's use really good thread. So what it seems to come down to is fabric quality. I'd argue that quality is just as important and noticeable in suiting, but in a different way. A quality suit will hold its shape much longer than a cheap one, fabric and stitching aside.
Those were my go-to work pants last f/w -- wore 2x/week from Oct-June. Odd that you hot-soaked them -- how much do you think they shrunk. I ask b/c the SA at the store didn't seem to think they'd shrink much and suggested I go tts. I lost about a half-inch in waist/length with cold wash, but they stretched back out right away.The only nit I can pick is that the canvas backing shrunk more than the pants fabric, resulting in some peaching around the waist/pockets. Ironing...
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