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I don't think they make a ton of money, but it has a weird corporate sheen that EG, in general, does not. Vans is owned by VF which owns SF favorites like Rock & Republic and 7 for All Mankind. http://www.vfc.com/brands/outdoor-action-sports/vansPlus, the sneakerhead hype...I could be wrong but are they US-made, at least?
I feel like the Vans collab is the one thing that EG does purely for profit. Or maybe I just don't get the sneakerhead ethos.
Blah. I ordered that exact jacket from ToJ -- guess seeing your photos is the closest I'll get to seeing it...good luck with sale.
Just adding a data point to the discussion: Petit Standard can be a tiny bit looser fit than the Petit New Standard -- even though in certain sizes the measurements are exactly the same. That sounds kind of odd but I think the extreme taper on the PNS changes how they wear. I tried on a range of sizes in both fits. I wear a 32 or 33 in pants and went with a 32 in PS, the nonstretch fabric. The 33 PNS was way too big in the waist; the 32 was too tight in the thighs and...
That would be more than I'm expecting I'll ever get from Drew Keith.I'm holding out for your moto. Must have back gussets.
re 10-eyelet 2030: 10 eyelets is a lot of ... eyelets. If you only put the boots on once a day, then sure, but for me, I'd have to undo the top 3-4 eyelets to get them on and off. There's a reason many boots have speedhooks after 4-5 eyelets. Just my .02.
Bumping for cold weather...
That's true -- France is a deeply conservative country in a lot of ways, at least in public.
Yup. Sandwichs (no "e") are OK provided they're classic jambon/fromage/beurre.Would delete gyros/kebab and coffee from that list, actually. I slug my morning coffee on the metro from a thermos mug and get dirty looks every day.
As a (transplanted) Parisian, I'd say you can recognize the city's style pretty easily: For old guys, it's one or two piece that are totally incongruent, but they're worn with an IDGAF attitude so it works. Like a bright red scarf with a business suit, or a crazy overcoat and green shoes. For middle-aged conservative guys, it's stuff that's really well tailored and completely coordinated. Very sleek. For middle-aged "artistic" types, it's a variation on Mick Jagger circa...
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