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That's...really generous. I'm not surprised at the ramping-up difficulties. I have a friend who had a surprise "hit" on KS. He nearly got mowed under because he hadn't anticipated demand and didn't have the production capacity lined up ahead of time. Of course, he couldn't secure the production capacity until he had orders...not quite a Catch 22 but you know what I mean.
That looks really, really cool.Just one point -- is there a way you could shorten the sleeves and pant legs a bit? There's stacks and slouch, and then there's "my mom bought my clothes a size too big so I can grow into them." I think it would be 100 percent on point if you tried this.Another way to make this fit pop would be a pair of beat-up slim jeans. Or a lighter-colored shirt.
No, hardly "girlly." My concern would be that it's not really a messenger bag, because the strap isn't long enough to go across your body. Otherwise, nice sleek bag in what looks to be a useful size. Can you buy and return?
I'm pretty sure you'll be fine in a 10, but why not email Viberg to make sure? I think the consensus, with rare exceptions, is to size down .5 from Brannock. Possibly 1 full size if you have short toes and narrow feet.I've found that Viberg fit like most work boots (Chippewa, RW etc). They're a little big to account for heavy socks, arch supports, "high-volume workingman's feet that swell by the end of a hard day" etc.
I've had surprisingly good luck shrinking wool clothing in the washer, including 2 EG pieces (CPO and painter pants) when I've been between sizes. I wash on warm then try on, if it's still a bit big into the dryer, checking every 10 minutes or so. It does require a bit of a leap of faith though...
Trench boots look...interesting. They have a tiny bit of Timberland vibe with the horizontal triple stitching, which at first glance I don't care for. But the buff suede and natural tongue look great together. The tall boots at rear -- what be they?
Keep thumbs -- the "like" button of SF. Instant gratification and it means your post has some traction/made an impact but maybe doesn't warrant the time to comment.
Yeah. But on the plus side, LE now offers slim fits on a lot of their mainline clothes. It's pretty much the same thing, and I was never impressed enough by Canvas to buy anything other than basics, which were/are cheap as dirt and pretty well made. Plus the slim tapered chinos fit me like they were MTM...
I work in media, and one thing that SF could do is carefully vet the appearance of the ads. I'm all for advertising -- it's our lifeblood -- but there has to be a balance, and once banner ads or fireplace ads etc. become a distraction for readers, it's time to reconsider that balance. IMO, the Hanger Project ad is a distraction. It should be redesigned, and tested on all platforms and devices first. But i do get what Fok is saying about "native" content and ads. They go...
Anyone used zenmarket.jp? Their search box is linked to Yahoo Japan, Rakuten and Amazon among others. Looks like an easy interface -- you just paste the link with the item you want into a notes box. As usual the questions are shipping and customs -- if you bundle shipping then you risk high customs fees...or if you don' then the shipping costs as much as the item... Anyway...anyone given it a try?
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