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@hirsh, please just start a thread titled "hirsh." You can post whatever you want there, as many times as you want. I'll even unblock you.
If those sample boots fit you, I'd keep them. Doesn't look good now but I guarantee with some wear it will barely be noticeable, esp. since it's on the inside.
Tbh that cut isn't very, um, flattering. Thigh pulling is really uncomfortable, esp. If they droop off you waist. You might want to try a higher rise so they sit on your hip bones. I like a cold soak after a few weeks to get some of the extra dye out and sort of set the shrinkage. But if sanforized you won't see much.
Reviving this thread for an endorsement of Emile Lafaurie. If you are visiting Paris during the solders (January and July) this is a pretty good buy. I picked up a slim cut cotton/linen casual sports coat for 130 euros and a cotton/linen scarf for 25 in their Batignolles boutique. Not sure I'd pay full price but if you want relatively discreet euro-style biz/cash stuff you can't go wrong. Not sure if they still sell in the US.
I might try to sell them here or Sufi.. Too tight jeans are no fun, esp if raw.If they're wearable I don't really see a need to soak,but eventually you'll probably have to wash them..I've had good luck with inside out cold wash on the wool cycle, then hang dry. But I think you're going to see some shrinkage no matter what. Dry cleaning is certainly an option. I'm sure it won't hurt them.Ime if they get really foul smelling a soak won't do it..
^^I know I'm old and out of touch, but I just can't get excited about mass market companies like Vans/Nike rolling out "limited" editions and collaborations. It's not the same as, say, Viberg, where they don't have the production capacity to make an unlimited amount of a certain makeup, or EG apparel, where again, the production model is not set up to churn out 100,000 Bedford blazers every season. I'm all for scarcity but not when it's so transparently artificial. I'm...
Le Laboreur is really, really cheap here in France. I picked up the free-range sheep veste laine for around 80 euros from a workwear shop, link below. The cotton moleskin is 66 euros.However the construction quality isn't great, although the fabric is very, very cool -- it's still got bits of gorse from the wool. Size-wise, go down 2. I got it in size 2 which in theory corresponds to a US small, but it's more like a large. Fine for layering, but I'll probably go down to a...
@basil rathbone If I were single I would live in the eastern part of the right bank. 10,11,18,19 arrondissements. Maybe 9th. Left bank too touristy, as are 1,2,3rd. We live in 17th, which has its cool parts but can be very bourgeois.
Superglue it and forget about it. Srsly.
It could very well be that the size of the waxed flesh order strained their production capacity....or, maybe Vibergs are now junk. In that case, I'll buy anything in siz3 9.5 for 50 cents on the dollar.
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