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^^Thanks for IRS link, was gonna look that up. It's worth trying all the angles, especially ones that don't involve us paying out any more money.
I'm very confident, given what I know about how hard it is to change/renounce citizenship. At the very least he is a United States national -- the ToJ birth legend references his living in Washington DC I believe. At any rate, the US Embassy and IRS could track him down quite easily.Hell, the IRS probably has some sort of reporting system for possible tax avoidance. I'll look into that, too.
^^I'm in, for what it's worth. Here are a few things everyone owed money or jackets should do: 1. File a complaint with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission here: https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov. Use the "online shopping" tab at left. Include Libertine's address, Facebook page, and phone number and the toj email, as that's all we have as contact information. In the complaint I filed, I noted that Drew is almost certainly a US citizen, and may have been avoiding taxes....
This advice is gold. The other day to work I wore Uniglo slim selvedge jeans (19.99 on sale), oxford (same price), underwear (5.00), supima T-shirt (9.90) ... and $725 Vibergs,
This, or maybe a black grained leather....no pull tab, nice and clean. How about a Goodyear welt?
Truth is, in fact, an absolute defense against defamation cases, as in New York Times vs. Sullivan in 1964. It doesn't even have to be materially correct in every detail -- what Jon Stewart might call "truthiness."/communications law geek out
Just a warning: last year's fatigue shorts were hugely oversized. I typically wear a 32-33 waist (true waist 33-34), and small ss14 fatigue shorts fit fine, maybe even a little loose. The drawstring won't help much with the volume, jus the waist. That said you can size down for a good fit. The other odd thing is that as PDG noted the fatigue pants were TTS or even a little small...
^^Thanks for passing that on. As I said, the boots look good for the most part, maybe a bit more "workboot" than Viberg's service boot with an unstructured toe, but again, not necessarily a bad thing. There's definitely room for new entrants in the market, with Viberg's production being pretty limited and prices pretty high. If he can get hold of some unusual leathers but keep prices under $5-600 he'll have a winner I think...
Interesting to compare to my Viberg SF waxed flesh GMTO on the 2045 last. Same leather, same stichdown, same sole, but the Vibergs are a tad sleeker from the side and have a less structured toe. The Trumans aren't less attractive -- just different. If the overall qualilty is just as good then these are a steal (or the Vibergs are overpriced:D)
Up 1 if between sizes.
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