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Hello Mike, or anyone else who might know: Is there any problem with machine washing cotton twill walts? I've recently moved to France where dry cleaning is really expensive compared to NYC. I'd just do gentle/cold/inside out, hang dry and iron. I expect there might be a slight bit of color loss but I can live with that. Thanks in advance...
I don't disagree with you -- compared to a "standard" American OCBD or dress shirt it does taper, but there are far more tapered cuts out there. (I live in France, where their many men think shirts don't fit unless they're skin tight).
Yes and no. Because you don't have graded sizes, you can make a GBV shirt fit a couple of different ways. On my frame, a M GBV corresponds to a 15.5/34 Brooks Brothers slim fit. The BB X slim fit is more tapered. I'm 5'11/160ish with a 39" chest, fairly athletic build (tho less every year...!).I also wouldn't really call GBV "tapered" -- there's actually a little bit of flare at the bottom. Now, WvG after dinner or BoO -- those are tapered.
PSA: Dayton Service Boots on Massdrop, $399 if they meet a certain amount. The nubuck black with leather sole could be a nice pickup. Despite all the stuff that went down in this thread, they are a handsome boot... https://www.massdrop.com/buy/dayton-service-boots?mode=guest_open&utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Massdrop%20-%20Master&utm_campaign=Product%20Announcement%202014-09-17 edit: black only comes with Vibran sole. Still, not bad.
I would suggest the AEs if you're in the US. The ability to walk into a store and try them on is alone worth the premium over Meermin etc (fseems to be a fine shoe, don't get me wrong). I've had nothing but good experiences with Allen Edmonds sales people -- they will try all sorts of size/width combinations to make sure you get the best fit since they work on commissions and you are a potential future customer. Mail ordering shoes is really tricky, and not for the faint...
Repost no doubt, but for those who need a last refresher: http://www.claymoorslist.com/portfolios/pepe-albaladejo-meermin
Try a e width. I'm 9.5d in macneils but 9.5e in Daltons. Toe box is narrow.Super comfortable..I'd love a black dalton with natural welt and commando sole...
At least for the editorial, please keep turning down those freebies. To be honest I think that the community can sniff out stealth marketing etc. Plus there's plenty of affiliate/fanboy threads if you want a rose-colored-glasses view.As for editorial, I'd like to see more interviews with designers at the same time they release their seasonal collections. And not just designers per se, but also with people like Christian from Left Field, who ever chooses Gitman's fabrics etc.
Ah, right, the 310. I really don't like upturned toes, whether on work boots or "baller footwear" so had put it out of my mental map.
Waxed flesh SF service boot in the wild. 2045 last is probably viberg's clunkiest but actually really sleek for a "work" boot.
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