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Potsnu, I think you might be underselling the varsity. Looks really, really sharp. The BCDR is not my style but IMO the steel gray is going to be better in the long run than a lighter gray. For one thing it won't show dirt/stains around collar/cuffs.
In my opinion, outside of import duties, what you are primarily extra paying for with Japanese denim is proprietary cloth -- most NA (but not all) brands use some variant from Cone Mills. That's not a bad thing, and probably more "authentic" than some exotic fabric woven on a basement loom in Okayama Prefecture.I'd also say that objectively that "quality" of a pair of jeans is more in the patterning and sewing than in the fabric . I expect good patterning and sewing and...
As a point of discussion, i'd prefer no speedhooks -- they catch on pant legs (actually, I'd say no pull tab, either, for the same reason). But it wouldn't be a dealbreaker either way. I love this makeup -- I'll add that the Viberg site and blog has waxed flesh Country Derby boot (2040 last) w/commando sole for those who are interested in closeups of the leather unworn. As for lasts, I'd prefer the sleeker of the two -- But yeah, I'd go for a carbon copy of the original...
^^^since mine is a cotton flannel I wear it over gray black or white tShirts. I looked at the red wool classic shirt the other day at bellerose here in Paris--IMO that cut works best as a regular shirt rather than an over shirt, mostly because the camp collar needs to lie flat I do have a CPO in the gray herringbone wool that I wear over lonsleeve Ts or over OCBDs as a sports coats substutute.
The classic shirt is a camp shirt with long sleeves.. I have one from 09 I think in a gray flannel plaid. Super comfy but def. short and boxy. One is enough for me.
Re FWK, I forced my wife to try on some of the fw 12 stuff at nepenthes. She loved the golden bear suede jacket but was a bit pricey. She didn't care for the rest. Her take was that it was too unstructured for most women and made her look a little dumpy. What we men tend to forget is that there's a lot more body consciousness among women. (I think FWK is awesome)
Looking for some footwear suggestions. I have a medium whiskey calf CM in the hopper right now -- obviously I have a little time to save $$ for some appropriate shoes/boots! Right now I'm thinking something like roughout jumper/trench/service-style boots, maybe Alden or OSB. Viberg boondockers look nice but the tan color on their web site might be a little light. Medium whiskey is a fabulous color but I only have black, walnut/brown and tan shoes/boots right now. OTOH...
If that's a made in France Chevignon, it's a nice find. I am not positive that all new Chevignon leathers are French made. Quality is good, not top notch, say along the lines of Schott. Anyway, someone will get a nice coat!
1959 Gillette fat boy with Feathers. Omega silvertip badger, nice soap, finish with witch hazel and Floid balm. Cost per shave is like 3 cents.
^^@ktown: I'm 1.5 inches taller than you and 5-7 lbs heavier, and suggested measurements for CM are about the same with a little more in the sleeves an front length. So yours seem logical to me. Guess we'll find out in 4-5 months...
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