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Those are 972 euros on the cm french web store. That's insane.
Wait, what?why was that not posted here, came out in December. Still, nothing we don't already know.
Beams plus x LL Bean. Brilliant: http://shop.beams.co.jp/shop/plus/goods.html?gid=9347174&pl_on=3
Like any brand, if it fit you, great. For a slim, athletic build, the pants were spot on. I thought the shirts were well made and had nice fabric, but the collars were stingy and the waist was a little blousy. But everything was dirt cheap -- IMO most of the best part of Canvas has migrated to the main line "tailored fit." NB: LE is definitely plebe level clothing, (in reference to style/trendiness) mostly suitable for bizcash offices. But that's what I work in...if you...
Didn't see anything I'd remotely even consider buying. Not at those prices. I stocked up on the 608 fit pants as they were clearing out the old stock.
Pro tip: I wear exceptionally boring clothes at work, but...you can be boring and still wear well-fitted and well-cut clothes. (my wife says no one can make expensivle clothing look cheap better than me!)For example, if you like button down shirts, try brooks brothers slim fit or Gitman Vintage, or even Engineered Garments Workaday or 19th C. shirts. For 5-pocket pants or jeans, APC New Standard cut will make almost any body type look good. Swap out those blobby shoes for...
If true, that is too bad. Their Rockers -- minus the orange stitching -- were/are a great cut, and their denim faded really, really well.
I disagree re Epaulet. How is offering Chelsea boots a knockoff? I haven't drunk the Epaulet Kool-Aid, but they are not a copycat retailer. Everything Mike has offered is just a version of a long-established style. (and, not necessarily cheaper either)
That makes sense -- like a lot of boots it's hard to tell where they're actually made. For instance I believe Wolverine or Red Wing or Chippeway makes boots for Allen Edmonds.Nick's certainly has a great quality reputation, but the wait times have made me wary, after being burned by ToJ. The price is very nice...sorry for derail.
It sure does, definitely has that blobby profile from above. VB definitely has drawn some imitators lately, with Truman, these and a few other models/collabs from established makers like Wesco that have a distinct Viberg Vibe, as it were. As they move away from stitchdown construction I think there's a definite niche to fill.The tonal stitching is a nice touch.
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