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That's a little harsh.Cola knows what he's doing and I like his sort of luxe hobo style. That said, I know it's not going to be easy but he should try to find some better fitting trousers. (He might start by thrifting some old 501s and tapering them himself -- I know he's handy with a sewing machine.)We can't all be born ectomorphs.
Best thing right now would be for Mr. Keith to take a leave from the restaurant for a few weeks, ship off everything he has and then see where things stand with production -- and then let us know, for better or worse, what's going on.
You haven't said anything funny.A couple of years ago there was the "no homo" debacle here on SF...most people have seen the light on that. Let's work on Asian stereotypes next.I say this as a Jew living in France, one of (if not THE) the most anti-Semitic countries in Europe -- casual and anonymous racism and bigotry is really insidious.Also, bears repeating, but DO NOT expose your real name to a publicly searchable forum, unless you actually want to be associated with...
Not to be a dick, but did you not read what he JUST wrote: don't try to ID your jackets from the photo. Sheesh.(Look, I'm in the same boat as everyone else here, but let's not make a complicated situation any more so...)
Not sure what OJSIMPSON and the other trolls are trying to prove in this thread. Look, all of us with money on the line here are basically stuck. We know that. Your schadenfreude at our potential misfortune is really off-putting. Shoe on other foot and all that... When we bought spots, ToJ was a thriving concern, with reasonable wait times and responsive customer service, and a good reputation for "quality." Sure, there are probably comparable jackets out there at...
Small PSA: Just picked up a pair of the OrSlow slim fit fatigues (http://www.superdenim.com/prodpage.asp?productid=4492). Wanted a pair of this season's EG slimmer cut mainline fatigues but don't care for the ripstop, and EG's reversed sateen is a bit heavy for year round wear. OrSlow definitely plays nice with EG -- wearing them right now with the EG jacquar shawl collar knit. The OrSlow's are a nice compromise -- the fabric is really soft and has a nice horizontal cast...
I also have the same iOS issues. 8.something. It's like it reloads from halfway down the page no matter where you are.
@VitaTimH try luxire.
Viberg is handling their increased popularity pretty well so far but I think the potential for some sort of snafu is definitely there, not with their "stock" models -- which will appear on their web site or at stockists when they're already built -- but with a special makeup. Having "invested" in a ToJ order that has yet to bear any fruit, but also having been happily satisfied with a Viberg GMTO here, I'd say the best attitude might be to be prepared for some kind of...
That's the real deal. Pm me for more info. Can sell for A LOT.
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