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Completely and utterly left handed. However, I am ambi-footed, the result of an injury to my left leg during my soccer days. Had to learn how to kick right footed. I don't want to generalize, but I have noticed that a higher percentage of "creatives" are left handed. That includes writers, in my experience.
@myshoeiswet That is a great look, especially the coat. I'm not 100 percent sure about the shoes -- maybe gray instead? But I get that you're going for high contrast.
Yes, but it is often considered a synthetic. It's classified as a type of rayon, which is basically heavily processed wood pulp (cellulose). I was probably using "synthetic" a bit loosely. The Tencel briefs I have do not have the properties of cotton or merino wool, but apparently Tencel (or lyocell) can be manipulated to be more breathable or absorbent.At any rate, I like them, but not under "natural" fibers like wool, linen or cotton.
I love the idea of a Viberg slipper -- only questions are, what sole (single layer leather with dainite could be best of both worlds) and the tongue shape -- I would prefer rounded rather than square. I could totally see wearing these with cuffed faded denim.
I have a couple of pairs left. I think I paid 5 euros each. Definitely a steal if they fit you. I mostly wear mine for exercising and hiking/skiing etc., as I dislike synthetics under street clothes.
The discussion on this thread always circles back to perceived vs. actual value of TenC. All I would say is that Ten C is fashion and Timberland is commodity. You can mix and match high and low and it's all good. But it's not an apples to apples comparison. Almost any mass-produced garment will have better "quality" than a small, artisanal maker, of course, but to me fashion is about how a garment makes me feel as much as it is about the intrinsic "worth" of that garment....
Well, maybe, but Teger has been a SW & D regular, and the CM thread is more next-level (or for complete maladroits). Only thing I would say about that fit is that the tie looks kind of long, but maybe it's the angle.
Too much sole. Double midsole with vibram and stacked heel gives off weird "short guy trying too hard to compensate" vibe. Maybe single midsole and lowered heel -- the uppers are reallly cool.
I avoid tapered or slim cut pants when I wear my vibram soled boots (christys, but I think it applies to the sand-colored vibrams too). Usually wear desert pants or non-tapered jeans or classic service-style khakis. It's definitely a workwear look. I like to cuff or roll so the pants fabric stands away from the boot...
Re Aldens: As others note, the pricing is not much of a value proposition, at least for "ordinary" shoes like wingtips, PTBs, chukkas. TBH, Allen Edmonds and some of the mid-tier British brands do those shoes just as well for $200 less. But, if you have hard to fit feet, Alden's range of lasts and widths are fabulous, and their boots are special. So...if Ep can stock Indys and "casual" makeups (suede, natural welt, eyelets, commando/dainite soles) of boots and bluchers, I...
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