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Those have the potential to be either insanely comfortable or a torture device for your feet. Love the look and the leather, but worry that they'll be too stiff. Anything that slips on unless it's a formal shoe like a tassel or penny loafer should be really supple.
Hope so, but if you can get to an APC store it's best to try on...I don't understand the logic behind the PNS since it seems to be filling a hole in the APC lineup that isn't really there. But I'm sure it fits some people really well.
I've written about this before but PS have more room than PNS size-to-size. I confirmed this by trying on a ton of pairs and the SA concurred. In fact I started with PNS and he suggested I try the PS. I would say the PNS have a tad higher rise, but the taper is really aggressive so the thighs/knees felt awful. i can see that they would fit someone with really skinny hips quite well. I tried going tts and the waist was huge. I'd try going up one in PS first -- or how about...
That's bad advice. Even here in France the APC clerks advise sizing down 1. Sell them and get a 32
I've been using a Chemex for almost 20 years and the main variable ( assuming fresh beans and right grind) is water temp. 180-200 is ideal, just off boil will scald and below 180 extraction suffers. I can do it by timing by now but there are some day when I'm desperate that I just dump the water in right away. Fwiw my ratio is 50g to 3/4 of a Hario kettle. Works about 90 percent of the time.
There are lots of less expensive brands that work just fine with EG. It just depends which EG look you are aiming for -- you can do preppy/basic (with workaday), neo-hobo, military, even a sort of dark artsy look, or even just jeans and T-shirts. (Which is what Daiki mostly seems to wear).Of course, if you want to go full lookbook, 3-5k wont get you very far because you'd be buying vests, hats, accessories, basics, that are frankly kind of expensive at full...
@accordion Depends what you want them for: Alden/AE/Barker look like "work" shoes, though if you can find then with Dainite soldes maybe a little less formal. I'd go for something like the Heschungs (I'm sure Trickers makes a similar model) because they'll work with jeans as well as wool trousers or even EG-type fits (and even YY looks great with chunky derbies. A very versatile shoe. I prefer black -- shades of brown can look a little dull to me unless there's some...
Regarding EG shorts that are S/M/L sized, they seem to fit really large. I have 2 pairs of recent fatigue shorts and they're both smalls; normally I'm a 32/33 M in everything.
Two options, in my experience: cool soak with something like woolite dark flat in a tub -- then hang dry. This will produce minimal fading and avoid any chance of lighter vertical fades, which can happen in a machine. The other way is to do as notwithit suggested and wash inside out in machine on gentle/cold, then hang dry.I've had best results with soaks (can use cool or lukewarm water, would advise against hot, agitate by hand a bit) if the jeans are just dirty from...
New Cure is still around but perhaps only mail order. Never heard of "low standard" before but it appears to exist, though what it actually IS is hard to tell. If there's one hole in the APC line up it's a PS with a mid or higher rise, IMO.
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