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I love me some jodhpur boots, but I can't be the only one who thinks the straps buckle the wrong way. The end should face the back of the boot, not the front, right? http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/footwear/products/renzo-jodhpur-boot-snuff-suede-w-antique-sole-edge
ToJ should be a warning sign. Not saying that there's always fire with smoke, but there are several hundred SF members who might look at the MTO delays (and the lack of communication) that you all are experiencing with alarm. The $900 lesson I learned is pay with PayPal backed by a credit card that you can do a chargeback with, and find out how long you can do that chargeback before you plunk down your money.
Anything like a christy or a lugged sole would work. Just avoid crepe soles (like on earth shoes...). I think you might be looking at a boot rather than a moccasin style shoe, tbh.
The camp sole that Quoddy uses is very flexible -- that's great for mocs and moc construction because the whole thing molds to the shape of your foot. If you want something super firm, you might look at the "vibram rugged" sold that's an option on some quoddys.You should also look at Rancourt/Oak St/Russell/Eastland Made in Maine -- IMO Quoddy specializes in "softer" moccasins, whereas some of the other companies builds are much more substantial. I have a pair of Russells...
Looks really...comfortable. But I think you have room to size down on the shirt jacket and jeans, or at least hem the jeans to avoid the giant doughnut roll.
I see all sorts of junior executive types here in France carrying these dainty things around. usually wearing wholecuts and a high n tight blue suit. I too have no idea what could be in them.My guess is a pile of resumes.
I dunno, rubber covers don't seem like a terrible alternative. Swims are unobtrusive, and if you wear them with confidence I think it communicates that you care for your possessions. Just carry around a small compressible waterproof sack, like for a compact sleeping bag, and chuck them in. I can't fathom that spending $70 or so isn't a better alternative than even $150 on the cheapest acceptable dress shoes that, as someone else pointed out, won't stand up to salt/grime...
So nice to see this thread active again, so I can vent!I hope the investors in Libertine lost money. The more the better.My feelings toward Falcon are mixed. I'm sure at the start that Charly/Dan/whoever the hell else had no idea something was seriously wrong. But they certainly knew at a certain point EXACTLY what was going on. So founding Falcon was a pretty cynical thing to do. Then offering a measly 15 percent discount to those of us who had been fleeced and strung...
Those have the potential to be either insanely comfortable or a torture device for your feet. Love the look and the leather, but worry that they'll be too stiff. Anything that slips on unless it's a formal shoe like a tassel or penny loafer should be really supple.
Hope so, but if you can get to an APC store it's best to try on...I don't understand the logic behind the PNS since it seems to be filling a hole in the APC lineup that isn't really there. But I'm sure it fits some people really well.
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