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Re Aldens: As others note, the pricing is not much of a value proposition, at least for "ordinary" shoes like wingtips, PTBs, chukkas. TBH, Allen Edmonds and some of the mid-tier British brands do those shoes just as well for $200 less. But, if you have hard to fit feet, Alden's range of lasts and widths are fabulous, and their boots are special. So...if Ep can stock Indys and "casual" makeups (suede, natural welt, eyelets, commando/dainite soles) of boots and bluchers, I...
APC -- clean, in your price range, and Petit Standard or Petit New Standard can be worn as tight as you can stand. Most (but not all) versions are selvedge, some have stretch etc.I'd avoid Japanese heritage brands -- most are straight leg (though Somet is a notable exception.
No, I'm not saying "blatant criminal fraud" is happening in the slightest.I actually don't even think that was part of Drew's plan until he got so underwater that it was hopeless (and he knew he was beyond the reach of U.S. law). The collapse of ToJ started with "communication problems and delays" and escalated from there.What I am saying is that you as a consumer can protect yourself if you decide to order from Truman (or any other online company), by paying with a CC...
I might refer you to the ToJ thread. (and, to a lesser extent, the Lawless denim thread)I don't have any particular animus against Truman -- and I really hope Truman thrives and prospers -- but these are the EXACT same words that were repeated ad nauseum around mid 2014 in the ToJ.What "line" would that be crossing? In hindsight we know for certain that Drew Keith and possibly his associates were indeed knowingly advertising false lead times and being disingenuous about...
I think what they did with the Supima Ts is move them out of the main floor and into the underwear section. At least that's what my local store did. They're sold in plastic packaging. The quality seems about the same, perhaps a tad less substantial, but I buy them as essentially disposable clothing and don't care how they look in 6 months.
I love me some jodhpur boots, but I can't be the only one who thinks the straps buckle the wrong way. The end should face the back of the boot, not the front, right? http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/footwear/products/renzo-jodhpur-boot-snuff-suede-w-antique-sole-edge
ToJ should be a warning sign. Not saying that there's always fire with smoke, but there are several hundred SF members who might look at the MTO delays (and the lack of communication) that you all are experiencing with alarm. The $900 lesson I learned is pay with PayPal backed by a credit card that you can do a chargeback with, and find out how long you can do that chargeback before you plunk down your money.
Anything like a christy or a lugged sole would work. Just avoid crepe soles (like on earth shoes...). I think you might be looking at a boot rather than a moccasin style shoe, tbh.
The camp sole that Quoddy uses is very flexible -- that's great for mocs and moc construction because the whole thing molds to the shape of your foot. If you want something super firm, you might look at the "vibram rugged" sold that's an option on some quoddys.You should also look at Rancourt/Oak St/Russell/Eastland Made in Maine -- IMO Quoddy specializes in "softer" moccasins, whereas some of the other companies builds are much more substantial. I have a pair of Russells...
Looks really...comfortable. But I think you have room to size down on the shirt jacket and jeans, or at least hem the jeans to avoid the giant doughnut roll.
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