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Nice photos and all, but what's with the Panerai over shirt cuff? My head exploded.
Quote: Originally Posted by anginaprinzmetal This looks quite alright, am I missing something? I might suspect that the creepiness lies in the crotch area.
Does anyone have the measurements on their suits? What's the length and pit-to-pit etc on their 42 jacket?
I quite like Orients old Mako. Quick date set button separetes it from others on the sea of generic divers. My other watch. 450 eur.
Trifted myself a tie. Tag says it's Jean Loire. Never heard of it and Google doesn't know it. Does somebody here know anything about it? I find the "finished by hand made in italy" text bit odd with the fact that Rome is spelled Rom in the tie. Is this some kind of knock off of something else?
Quote: Originally Posted by ramvio Can anyone tell me if this is a Seiko or what make this watch is? It's so clean and simple, Thanks! I think that's a modded Seiko 5.
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