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I agree...and this from the man (Stitches) that said once that he only wore white shirts and never wore pocket squares.I predict more evolution from our friend IS.
You certainly have evolved, sir.Next I expect you to post pictures of new shirt acquisitions in pink and lavender (or did I miss that?).
Kirby (@kirbya from The Hanger Project) posted this story on his Tumblr - I thought it was a great story and appropriate for this thread:
I just received a $28 FedEx bill for 5 shirts. The declared value on the waybill was U$50. I wonder how much it would have been if the actual value was stated. I've noticed the charge has happened on all but my first order (1 shirt). I have a pending order for 5 pairs of trousers...I suspect my bill will probably be $40 or $50. Of course, I'm almost always billed upwards of 30% or more for footwear from England, so I generally expect some kind of charges. I also think...
I'm not a fan of most magazines on the iPad (or other tablets). And I use my iPad a lot - I read novels to and from work every day, as well as surf SF and other sites while watching TV etc. I just think the visual element of magazines is best displayed on paper, as well as the size of the iPad is a bit small for optimum viewing, in my opinion.Plus, I think one of the attractive features of The Rake is that it's almost like a coffee-table book - a collectible. At least it...
As usual, much more expensive for Canadian subscribers - $95 vs. $59. I'm not quite sure why the difference when Vancouver is a mere 30 miles/50 km from the US border.
Same for Canada - all I've heard used is 'tie'.
Here's a pic of both the C&J Tebury and the KW suede chukka. As you can see, both are quite similar lasts.
I work for a small software company where all of our customers are located throughout the US, so there is no requirement for any kind of dress code.Most people here are technical, so there's a lot of jeans and t-shirts, and even though our office is located in the downtown core of Vancouver, there is no incentive or requirement to dress any differently.I work in the Account Mgmt/Support area and so generally my office attire consists of nice trousers and shirts (with...
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