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It's possible that the fee may cover duties (@17%) and the FedEx brokerage fee ($10) but may not include taxes (GST/PST or HST).My last shipment was for 5 pairs of trousers, delivered in early April and I was hit a few weeks later with a bill from FedEx for $27 and change.Edit: I did NOT pay the $25 flat shipping fee for the order above. C.
Don't you have a dark brown neat from NMWA? That would work, I'd think.
mrjester's buttons pushed.......check!
That outfit would be nicely topped off with a Sam Hober grenadine.
I think that most clothing/footwear imports are taxed at 17 or 18% and then there's 12% sales tax on top of that.If delivered by a courier like FedEx or DHL, they usually charge a $10 administration/brokerage fee on top of that.Stuff from the US delivered through USPS usually makes it through without any charges, but not all the time.
Gentlemen, After following this thread with interest for several years (and ordering some swatches a few years ago), I have finally dipped my toes in the Sam Hober pool, some might say 'with gusto'. From L to R: Dark Red Grenadine Fina (GFT-2) Sky Blue on Rust Wool #5 (GPWT-5) Navy Grenadine Fina (GFT-10) UPenn Silk (ECO-7) Navy Blue Solid Challis (CHSOT-5) Bitter Chocolate Grenadine (GFT-6) Dark Red & Off White Stripes on Dark Navy Wool (GSWT-4) Being from Canada, I...
I suspect that's the case - black shoes are much more common than brown in the general non-SF world, so anything brown would likely be seen as clashing with the black leather.Also, many people will stay with as conservative colours as they can, because anything else requires more imagination and most people are too lazy to take the time (which is why we see so many people wearing black clothing all the time).
You don't like the particular medallion on the Edgewear or you don't like any shoes with medallions?
I have the Lowndes and wear them often, but they feel too casual to wear with suits in my opinion (mine are brown).I wear them exclusively with odd trousers - grey flannels, linen, etc.I would get the cap-toe oxfords first as you'll get much more use out of them and the Lowndes later, if you find you'll be wearing odd trousers outside of work hours.I think even brown oxfords will be worn less by you than black ones - it seems you're currently more comfortable with...
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